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Horror Story 'letters To The Dead'

1644 words - 7 pages

Dear Daddy,I’m writing a letter because I think that it might help me feel better. Maybe it will make me feel like you’re here again. I miss you.That man thought he knew you. The man talking at the funeral. He thought he could tell us about how he was your friend. He was never your friend. He never knew you, did he?I nearly shouted at him for pretending. But I know you wouldn’t want that. I just walked away so I could talk to you.I miss you. I don’t understand how you died. When mum came back, she paid the babysitter and gave me a big hug. I asked her where you were, and she said ‘Daddy’s gone to live with the angels.’ Like I’m a baby. I’m not a baby, I’m nearly nine, and I didn’t cry at your funeral. Mummy hasn’t said how you died. I wish you could talk to me for real. Then you could tell me what happened. Maybe I’ll ask mummy in the morning. I’m going to bed now, because otherwise mummy will hug me and I don’t want her to hug me right now.Night night daddy.Ellis x x xEllis sat back in his chair. He felt his eyes start to water, and shut them tight. He took the letter and put it under the cushion on his chair. Ellis heard his mother coming down the hallway and he climbed into bed and closed his eyes.Ellis heard his door opening. For a moment he heard nothing, then a sigh, and then a click as the lights went off. The door was closed and there was silence.Ellis walked down the corridor. “Mum?” he called. “Daddy?” He opened the living room door.His mother grabbed hold of his dad and threw him into the corner. She grabbed a cushion from the sofa and thrust it in his face. Ellis closed his eyes and he heard muffled screams and things being broken from his father’s flailing arms. Then there was stillness, and he opened his eyes.“Ellis?” His mother said. “Ellis? Come and give your mummy a hug.” She reached out towards him, trying to block the image of the body and he screamed a harsh, shrill scream at the corpse of his father.Ellis shot awake.“Ellis? Are you coming down to breakfast?” Ellis hesitated, and got out of bed.“So, how did you sleep?” His mother asked over scrambled eggs.“Fine.” He said stiffly. His mother shot him a glance, and got up to clear the plates. Ellis watched his mother with uncertainty. “Mum, what happened the night Dad died?”His mother sighed. “There was an accident.” Ellis nodded and quietly went off to school.Dear Daddy,I had a dream last night. It was a bad dream, but probably not as bad as real life. I think Mummy made you dead. I’m old enough to understand stuff like that. I’m nearly nine.What do you think I should do to Mummy? Maybe I should teach her a lesson for taking you away from me. Maybe she was jealous because she found out that I love you more.I think I will teach her a lesson.Soon.Ellis x x xEllis folded up the letter and put it under...

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