Horrors Of Bad Customers Essay

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Having worked in the retail business for over almost two months now, I realize how important customer service is and how hard is it to satisfy customers. Working almost thirty hours a week at a local department store, I get the chance to deal with numerous types of buyers. Thankfully, most of the customers I deal with are generally friendly and agreeable people. Sometimes, there are customers who I sincerely wish would just drop dead to make my life easier or at the very least shop at a different store. Last week, I happened upon two of the most annoying and ignorant customers I have ever seen. Standing at y till, I cheerfully greeted a middle-aged couple as they came up to me and put four packages of socks on my counter. On the brightly coloured plastic wrapping, there was small sticker that said: 1 for $5.38 or 2 for $9.98. The woman looked at me and told me they were on sale for 35% off the $5.38 price. She confusingly looked at me and asked me why it wasn¡¦t 35% off the $9.88. The woman looked at me and told met hey were on sale for 35% off. I smiled knowingly at her and said it would be no problem. I scanned the socks one by one and told her came up as a promotional price of $3.49, which was 35% off the $5.38 price. She confusingly looked at me and asked me why it wasn¡¦t 35% off the $9.88 price? I explained in my friendliest voice that we don¡¦t do what is called a double sale, and the most she can get is was 35% off the $5.38. The woman angrily complained as I tried to tell her that $3.49 was already a pretty good price. Not believing me, she ordered her husband to go out on the floor and ask the manager in the socks department. Starting to feel annoyed, I smiled a fake sweet smile at her and tried not to look too irritated as I glanced at the huge line-up. We both stood there waiting for her husband to return. ...

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