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Horse Abusibe Amd How To Stop It Part 2

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Wyeth Pharmaceuticals is a major contributor to the horse industry by producing a drug derived for menopause women by pregnant horses. The practice of collecting the pregnant horses urine in my opinion is inhumane because the method of which it’s done and justified which hurts the horse. The drug is commonly known as Premarin, Premphase, Prempac, or Premelle that treats menopause as a hormone replacement therapy that for decades was a mandatory medical protocol treatment for all women. Wyeth between 2000 and 2003 produced an estimated revenue of 2 billion dollars even though the patent had expired decades ago. Wyeth had some competition from Generic Drug Company Barr Lavatories but the ...view middle of the document...

The federal government recently has begun to realize the issues affecting the horse industry and some legislation has occurred.
The federal government has throughout history tried to protect animals of various make-ups but has failed to protect the horse unless it’s a laboratory horse. Congress has passed three distinct bills in an effort to provide better oversight of the horses. “The Animal Welfare Act” was attempt originally to protect laboratory animals from harm and congress realized it needed to broader. Section 1752 of the Animal Welfare acted stated that owners and handlers must provide “Human Care’ for the animals. However, after reading the section 1752 it left out horses once again. The law originally placed the secretary of agricultural in charge over the regulation of sale, transport, and handling and other vitial services remaining to animals but they law did not include the horses. The law has grown by adding additional amendments that broadened the scope of the law. They outlawed dog fighting but did not include an all-inclusive protection of the horse. Since the law has been enacted, several horse lobby groups have lobbied congress to go beyond protecting laboratory protection of horses and make those Animal Welfare protections pertain to all horses regardless of specialty. Today’s congress needs to be more progressive and come together with a all-inclusive regulatory body that will administrate the needed regulatory guidelines. I hope today’s congress creates an entity call “Equine Safety, Drug, Medical Feed, Breeding and Racing Administration that is a subset of The Food and Drug Administration that will assure humane treatment of horses.
The federal government in 1971 tried to fix the racing industry and protecting horses by passing a bill called ‘The Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burros Act” The bills provisions were to be regulated and monitored by the Department of the Interior. The 1971 law was a great step in the direction for the protection of horses as the Department of the Interior banned the slaughter of horses for several years. The horses enjoyed 34 years of being slaughter free but that came to end when a sinister legislator added pork fat to a general spending bill that lifted the ban on slaughter of horses. This trickery by a trusted legislator caused thousands of innocent horses go to slaughter and the EU and other foreign countries purchased the horsemeat for human consumption. The public outcry was huge and congress during midterm elections reinstated the ban on horse slaughter. Congress was able to reassure that horsemeat would not made or consumed in The United States by withdrawing funding for inspections of the equine slaughter houses in the country. Congress thought it was a great idea to dry up the funding For slaughter house inspections help the situation but the slaughterhouse owners found a loophole that stated if the business...

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