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It was christmas eve all the decorations where up and everyone was in a christmas spirit, and outside it was snowing I was looking out the window when i saw a dark figure it was big, and it looked like it had a box on its back I went outside to have a closer look and there it was a white horse with a carriage attached I walked a little closer and it started to back up so i stopped not knowing what to do so i slowly walked towards it and took the reins and brought it back to the cabin, the cabin in the winter looked so peaceful with the snow all around at the christmas lights hanging from the roof with a wreath on the door and at the back a little sable theres where I walked the horse as i was leaving i saw i little note attached to his saddle it read “Tippie” i guessed that was her name. The next morning was christmas and when i woke up the first thing i did was take some grains and bring them to Tippie but she wasn't there i started looking around where could she have gone? And how did she get out?? I started walking around trying to find her and as I was about to take another step i hear a something like breaking glass or ice right them i fell through the ground and down and huge tube and everything blacked out when i woke up i was in what was like a huge ice cave there where icicles hanging from the ceiling and the ground was hard as rock and i was freezing not knowing what to do i started walking around, how was I gonna get out of here if i didn't i would die down here! I kept on walking thinking maybe i would find something but i didn't id been down here already for at least a few hours what was i gonna do?! I went to the place i thought i landed after falling and started yelling but everyone was away no one would have heard me so i started trying to climb over and over again, but i wasn't successful. I was so tired i just collapsed against one of the walls in the ice cave when i did that i felt it movie so i got up and started pushing and i moved more i was so confused was there something living here or was i just imagining all this finally the wall moved so much that there was a little opening that i could fit in then i felt something hit me over the head and i was out again. When i woke up i couldn't see anything and i could move my arms, someone had tied them together so they could move i started trying to take them off be moving and squirming but i got no where. About an hour later I felt footsteps around me what was happening? Finally someone took the blindfold off and i could see where i was, I was in a small room that was completely made of ice there where two chairs and a table covered with papers, then finally i saw two men in black one had the blind fold i started trying to head what they where saying but i couldn't i was too far away. Finally one of them walked over and asked me what was my name i didn't want to reply but my instinct told me that it was better if i just answerd he's question so i said “My name is Caroline, where...

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