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Horse Slaughter Essay

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If one looks around the world, they would see an over population of horses, this has been a reoccurring issue for a couple years now. There are a lot of reasons why people may not want a horse anymore; it may be old, hurt or even crazy. There are many ways of fixing this problem throughout the equine world, one has their breeders, horse dealers, trainers and more that all want to solve this problem.
The recent down fall in the economy has made horse owners not want their horses anymore. The cost of maintaining a horse has greatly increased; horses are not able to survive on just the grass in a field. Horses need the vitamins from the grain and hay. Depending on what kind of horse you have, depends on the additional supplement they need. Depending on where you live, one may have to board their horse which ranges in price from $350 to $800 depending on the level of care ones horse may need. Since owning a horse can be extremely pricey, a lot of people cannot afford to keep their horse anymore. Selling a horse is not the easiest thing to do, take a look on craigslist, the number of horses on there is unreal; people are simply just giving away horses for nothing.
Breeding farms have become popular in the last few years, depending on the breeding farms, breeders may breed horses from five to fifty or more foals are year, a breeding mare is able to be bred a week after she has given birth to her foal. This process is called “Foal Heat.” The American Quarter Horse Association is one of the largest horse registries in the world, nearly two hundred foals are registered each year. There are around three hundred horse registries in the United States alone. Think about the number of foals each year that are not registered, there are close to a million new foals that are not registered.
One solution that would stop this over population would be slaughter, in 2007 the lasting equine slaughter plants in the United States were shut down due to the decrease in funding by the USDA. Why leave a horse that is old, crippled, sick of even crazy dangerous to live in the world, a simple solution would be to dispose through a horse slaughter market. Thousands of horse owners have to drive miles upon miles to either Canada or Mexico to slaughter their horses. People will argue that slaughtering a horse is the “humane way” to relieve the unwanted horse population. Since one is responsible for the over population, one should be the one responsible for reducing the numbers. Horse meat can be used for many things, dog food or other bi-products. One can slaughter a cow or a pig without anyone saying anything. Euthanizing a horse can be extremely expensive, a vet has to come administrate the medicine and then one has to dispose of the body because it is against the law to have a dead horse carcass lying around your farm. The cost of this is often why people just leave their horses to just rot away or throw them on to another farm so it is someone else’s...

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