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Horse Training And Showing Essay

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The rider and horse being properly trained in what they must know while riding together is only one of the important things to know when riding horses, for preparing themselves is also just as important to ensure that there is less probability of something bad happening. No matter how skilled a rider may be, they must be prepared for anything that may happen while riding upon the horse’s back, thus much time must be put into attempting to perfect technique as much as possible. Going about it carelessly could result in injury which in turn would mean the rider would not be fit enough to ride the horse, and for a competitive rider especially, this would prove to be problematic (“Complete Book of Horses and Riding”, p. 249). It is important for the rider to be awake and alert when training the horse to ensure their own safety along with leading the horse to the best of their abilities so they do not harm themselves as well in the process, otherwise they should not ride at all (“The Basics of Horseback Training”, p. 1). Safety is the most important thing to keep in mind when dealing with animals of any kind, especially horses who are by nature animals of prey and consequently cautious and wary of their surroundings (“Training Your Horse”, p. 1).
The safety of a rider begins even before they dare to mount their horse. They should be aware ahead of time of the dos and do nots of when dealing with a horse, such as how to approach a horse and refrain from startling them. When the rider is close to the horse, it is safer to stay where the horse may be able to see them at all times and avoid walking behind or around in front of the horse (“Training Your Horse”, p. 1). If the rider has to be out of the horse’s line of sight where it no longer is aware of where they are, speaking to it and running a hand against its side so your location is still known. Refraining from standing directly in front of the horse nor sitting or kneeling on the floor around its feet is suggested either to prevent from being harmed if the horse kicks or accidentally steps too close which would also cause harm (“Training Your Horse”, p. 1). Knowledge such as this will keep the rider safe from accidents and free to continue riding on their four legged companion.
Just as the rider is responsible for the safety of themselves and knowing what they should be more attentive towards to establish a safe riding environment for themselves, they must also make sure the horse is just as safe as they are. Putting on the gear the horse must wear when being ridden incorrectly may result in putting harm or discomfort on the horse, especially the saddle which is one of the most important pieces being used when riding. Along with the saddle possibly harming the horse, the horse’s safety must also be considered if it participates in shows regularly, in which case the rider will need to transport them in a horse trailer (“Complete Book of Horses and Riding”, p. 343). Inside, there should be bedding...

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