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Horton Hears A Worldview Essay

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Worldview is an idea or image of the relationship between humanity and the universe. In Horton Hears a Who, there are a few main characters: Kangaroo, Horton, and the mayor of Whoville. Each character has their own worldview. Kangaroo’s worldview is naturalism, while Horton and the mayor have a relatively same worldview: theism. The movie depicts that no matter how hard someone believes in something, there will always be obstacles and if they stay true to their worldview they can overcome them. Each character believes in a worldview, they go through obstacles, and each worldview does have a personal affect on the people on this Earth.
Horton Hears a Who is about a speck with life on a clover and only Horton can hear them. Horton is not afraid to stand up for the tiny people and he believes that a person is a person no matter how small or big they are. He believes that no matter if you can’t see, hear or feel something that there still is a possibility that it can be true. The mayor is another example of Horton’s worldview because he had to believe that Horton was talking to him even though he couldn’t see or feel him. The mayor could have just written it off as a joke (like he did in the beginning), but after some convincing the mayor believed. Kangaroo on the other hand is a naturalist. She stated, “If you can’t see, hear, or feel something it doesn’t exist” (Hayward and Martino 2008). She wanted everyone to think like her and she never wanted the animals to use their imaginations for anything. She based her worldview on facts and that was all. Each on of these characters had obstacles to face and some created those obstacles to stop change from happening.
Kangaroo never wanted anything new to happen in her life so that meant change couldn’t happen in lives of others around her. When Horton exposed the speck to other animals, it was a new change that Kangaroo didn’t want to handle. So Kangaroo used her power in the jungle to try to stop the impact of Horton’s news from spreading to all the people. She tried to keep her worldview intact, but stopping Horton was harder than it looked. When Horton believes in something it is through faith in that particular subject. This subject was the speck and he put his ears where his faith is. He could have...

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