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Hospice Care Essay

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Hospice is place that provides support and care for persons with incurable disease such that, patients are at the last phase of the disease. Hospices care provide provides pain-free support to their patient and making patient comfortable and maintaining the quality of the remaining life because they recognizes dying as part of the normal process of living. The focus of hospice is care and cure of patient. Hospice support patient with their needs; spiritual, emotional and physical needs so that patients/clients will be comfort. Hospice specialized in pain and symptoms management as well as support services proving counseling and education. Hospice is not a place patient receive hospice care ...view middle of the document...

The primary goal is to control patient’s pain, symptoms management, and improve the quality of life of their patients sometime live for a maximum of three years at the hospice facility before they died. Hospice also provides bereavement services for families who have lost their love one. This is to help the family to cope with death. The bereavement services last for about a year or thirteen months after patients die. Families are offered individual counseling or support group.
The interdisciplinary team of hospice makes clients comfortable and relieves symptoms and pain for the entire length of their illness. The interdisciplinary team consists of physician, registered nurse, social worker home health aide or certified nurse assistant, chaplain etc. (Hasting center Report, pg. 6). Each member of the interdisciplinary team has a role to play, and ensures that clients are provided with the best possible care. Hospice interdisciplinary team collaborates together for patient to be comfortable. The physician reviews all current medications and prescribes the necessary pain medications. The nurse, reviews, evaluates and implements the client’s current plan of care. The social worker provides assistance to the family and client as they come to turns with death. The health aid provides is the one that asses any physical changes of the patients and report to nurse. The counseling service provides information and support dying and grieving process which help patient’s family to let go of their love one and the chaplain provides religious support. Hospice care is provided regardless of the person ability to pay or not. The care is paid by government insurance Medicare or Medicaid. Also care may be paid by private insurance. The interdisciplinary team is to there to work with patients and their family member and make sure that the needs for both family and patients can be provided
Hospice serves about 1.65 million patients and out it 82% are Caucasians and the rest of the 18% of the population are multiracial. The majority of patients in hospice are at ages sixty five an above. Patients can choose any settings hey would like to receive care at. Some common sites of care for hospice include inpatients, outpatient and also nursing home or hospital base facility. Patients may choose to spend time in both home care and inpatient care if they are available. Inpatients care is offered at campus or sites which are only meant for terminally illness patients who have six months or less to die. Some of these chronic illnesses are stroke, cancer, HIV/AID, dementia cardiovascular disease, lung and disease kidney and other illness. In the outpatient care involve interdisciplinary team to travel to patients home to provide care. Patient may be living with their family members or a home health aide will be hire to assist and assess patients who leave by themselves. Patients may also be seen in the nursing home or hospital with the appropriate contracts between...

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