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Successful medical organizations have as their guiding principles a professionally stated purpose which encompasses and details their mission statement, vision statement, values statement, and broad strategic goals. The organizational structure is established on these statements, and the function of each department and the duties of each employee are based upon fulfilling the purpose of these statements. Additionally, these statements must encompass the various aspects of the organization and its stakeholders. As Moore, Ellsworth, and Haufman (2011) purport, “ Any organization planning as though it exists in a vacuum is ignoring factors critical for its survival” (p. 16). Without these guiding principles to serve as a direction for the organization and the employees’ dedication to fulfilling these goals, the organization will encounter multiple problems and face eventual failure. An analysis of the problems and the related literature, conflicts resulting from differentiation and task relationships, and the operational plan of Hospital Z give insight into the complexities of this organization.
One of the problems plaguing Hospital Z is the organizational culture, which, according to Robbins and Judge (2013) includes the common characteristics of (1) innovation and risk taking, which allows members of the organization the freedom to exercise their creativity even if it is different from the norm and may involve risk; (2) attention to detail, which requires employees to be precise regarding all aspects of their work; (3) outcome orientation¸ which expects employees to focus their work on the expected goals or outcomes which should direct the end result rather than the process; (4) people orientation, which takes into consideration how the goals affect the employees; (5) team orientation, which utilizes team work to a degree rather than individuals; (6) aggressiveness, which involves continually seeking improvements or new ideas as opposed to being laid back or passive; and (7) stability, which is maintaining at minimum the status quo in contrast to declining when considering the growth aspect of the organization (p. 512-513). Quite succinctly, none of these are being exercised.
Apparent at first appraisal of Hospital Z is what appears to be the issue of organizational (in)justice, which, according to Coutier, Denis, and Bilodeau, “refers to the perception of being treated fairly in the workplace…It is critical to the employer-employee relationship, exerting a wide influence on employees’ attitudes and behavior in the workplace” (p. 398). These authors further contend that research categorizes “...four types of justice perceptions: procedural, distributive, relational (interpersonal) and informational justice” (p. 398). These perceptions exist at the workplace and contribute to the problems.
Additionally, the unwillingness of the business office employees to accept onsite help from the hospital financial analyst team. They appear to be content...

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