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Hospitality Essay

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Gift Certificate Center - SAS Institute Case Study
CASE STUDY:SAS INSTITUTE"We're a 28-year-old company with employees reaching new milestones, including20-year anniversaries and eventually 30-year anniversaries and retirement, so we're trying to be proactive in finding the best ways to reward our employees." says Jack Poll, director of recreation and fitness division of SAS Institute, a national software company that consistently places in the top 20 of FORTUNE Magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For".SAS Institute is headquartered in Cary, North Carolina (just outside of Raleigh). Established in 1976, SAS Institute has long been a pioneer in employee-friendly perks, including Friday Breakfast Goodies, Wednesday M&Ms, Fresh Fruit on Mondays, break rooms stocked with complimentary drinks and snacks, and seasonal parties throughout the year. The software leader now boasts a customer list that includes American Honda, The Home Depot® and Staples employing 10,000 worldwide in offices from Anguillato Yemen.Thinking Ahead to Celebrate Every Employee MilestoneAs the growing company searched for ways to reward their 5,000 US employees, theidea of using gift certificates and gift cards seemed to be the best fit because it allowed the rewarded employee to select their own gift. The problem with single store gift certificates was that not everyone is happy with the available selections. "We were rewarding employees with gift certificates to local restaurants and stores, " says Jack Poll. "Our CEO even wanted to give airline tickets to retiring employees, but what if the retiree didn't want to travel or buy from that store we selected for them? We wanted to give our employees something that they really wanted to make the gift more meaningful. Our employees vary so much in age and lifestyles, we needed a more flexible gift certificate program."Award-Winning, Employee-Friendly Company Selects Gift Certificate CenterAfter a long search for the right incentive solution, Poll found Gift Certificate Center®. Gift Certificate Center is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hallmark Cards, Inc., an 80-year old leader in gift giving, and offers the choice of 400 merchants as part of itswww.Premiere Choice Award®. This program allows SAS Institute employees to redeem their award using a flexible online technology that interfaces with the company's intranet. Premiere Choice Award offers gift cards and certificates to national retailers, including®, The Home Depot®, Sears and Target®, and it even provides employees who want to go on that retirement trip with the opportunity to redeem it for a certificate to American...

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