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Hospitality Assessment Essay

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DEVELOP AND UPDATE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE.Hospitality Training Organisation Inc. (HTA)The role and service offered by the association.Hospitality Training Association is a non-profit organization that has been serving the needs of the hospitality industry for over twenty years. HTA was originally established by the hospitality and tourism industries to ensure there was relevant industry focused services available.HTA's mission statement is;"To provide a continuity of skills formation, employment and personal development, through the delivery of quality hands on training and management to match the needs, standards and expectations of the hospitality industry"The services offered by HTA are split into two operating divisions;· HTA Group Training - Specialises in entry level recruitment and employment for the hospitality industry, specifically, apprenticeships and traineeships. HTA Group Training is the largest employer of hospitality apprentices and trainees in Queensland. HTA Group Training employs hospitality Apprentices and Trainees and then places them in the industry with 'Host Employers' for agreed periods. When this period is finished, HTA will find the Apprentice or Trainee a job with a different Host Employer. This is called a 'rotational training program'.· HTA College - Provides nationally and internationally recognised training in all aspects of Hospitality Management, Food and Beverage, Cookery and Front Office and Accommodation through the delivery of short courses and Certificates right through to Diploma Level qualifications.There are also positions available to work at HTA in- Administration- Management- Marketing- Business Development- Human Resources and Recruitment- Training- Records Management.Who benefits from the association.HTA is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from women, mature aged applicants, people from non-English speaking backgrounds and people of Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander descent. All these people benefit from the association in many...

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890 words - 4 pages Introduction Before we begin our career, especially in Hospitality Industry, we need to know skills, competencies and even weaknesses. This individual essay assessment, that given by Business Industry Training Team, can use as a tool to know individual reflection about our skills, weaknesses that need to develop or even goals in the form of a Pre-Development Plan which will be useful during our internship and future career. This assessment will

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711 words - 3 pages Recruitments are important in the hospitality industry. It is mean the recruitment can apply in lots of hospitality industry workplace. Such as, theme park, airline, cruise ship, shopping mall and hotels. For example, every hotel has human resource office. Human resource manager have response for recruiting employees. All of them know that a good employee can bring lots of benefit and make customers have a good impression. Good employee can

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540 words - 3 pages The article “Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory of work motivation tested empirically on seasonal workers in hospitality and tourism” by Lundberg et al (2009) discusses the question if Herzberg’s Theory of motivation is still valid with the aid of an empirical test on seasonal workers in hospitality and tourism (Lundberg et al, 2009) In the introduction the authors provide background information about general effects of seasonal staffing in tourism


5514 words - 22 pages Organisational Development Journal 4, 29-36. Androniki Papadopoulou-Bayliss is an Occupational Psychologist with Human-IT Ltd., in Cambridge. Her research interests focus on psychometrics, while her work centres on personnel selection, web-based assessment, management and organisa- tional development. Elizabeth Ineson is a senior lecturer in the Hospitality and Tourism Management Department at the Manchester Metropolitan University. Her research interests

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2537 words - 10 pages the Hospitality and Tourism Industries. London: RoutledgeMcGunnigle, P. & Jameson, S.M. (2000) HRM in UK hotels: a focus on commitment. Employee Relations.22: 4. pp. 403-422.Newell, S. (2006) Selection and Assessment. In: Redman, T. and Wilkinson, A. (eds.) Contemporary Human Resource Management: Text and Cases. (2nd ed.) Essex: Prentice Hall. pp.65-98.Ortner, J. (2005), Recruitment strategies for Hospitality: An Australian perspective

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2231 words - 9 pages consequentially, provided me with supplementary information to further examine my professional and personal progression in FPDH that may aid in deciding to remain in the industry or not. Figure 1. McKinsey 7s Model (Waterman, Peters & Phillips 1980) The Total Quality Movement (TQM) and Four Points Darling Harbour The TQM movement and its principles has been used widely in industries such as hospitality as it provides several benefits