Hospitality Management Project East Carolina University Swot Analysis And Hotel Overview

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I. Departments in the lodging operation
1. front office
· How does the front desk handle guest complaints?
· Describe a time you had to resolve a problem with an irate guest.
· How many employees does it take to efficiently run the front desk in one shift?
2. sales and marketing
· What makes the hotel sales strong?
· Describe how rates work on a typical game day weekend here in Greenville.
· How do you compete with other hotels in the same area? What makes you guys stand out?
3. Housekeeping
· What are the key tasks of a housekeeper?
· Explain a time where your work was criticized? How did you handle it?
· Did you have to go through training to become familiar with chemical cleaning precautions?
4. maintenance
· How do you prioritize maintenance tasks, such as repairs?
5. food and beverage
· Does this hotel provide room service or have an on site restaurant?
· Is free breakfast included for guests?
6. accounting
· Who oversees the money generated by this hotel?
· Is there a separate manager for accounting?
7. safety and security
· What are some key factors that make guests feel safe?
· Is there a designated security officer on-site in case of emergencies?

II. Management and staffing
1. Lodging property management structure
· What are some of the challenges this hotel faces?
· What is this departments biggest opportunity?
2. An overview of the key staff positions in the lodging operation and the responsibilities of each staff position
· How do you ensure that you are informed about any...

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