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A dish that captures my family’s culture in New York City is Hot Pot or called Huo Guo in Chinese. Hot pot is an Asian dish which is a metal pot filled with stock or stew. Hot pot is always placed in the center of the dining table so everyone could cook whatever ingredient it is they want to eat. While the hot pot is kept simmering, ingredients are placed into the pot and are cooked at the table. At the table there are usually dishes such as sliced meat, leaf, vegetables, mushrooms, wontons, dumplings, tofu and seafood. Vegetables, fish and meat are fresh. The cooked food is usually eaten with a dipping sauce. Hot pot is often eaten in the winter. Hot pot is made differently in every Asian household and ingredients also differ slightly. The reasons hot pot captures my family’s culture is because it is eaten in China and in New York City. Hot pot is often eaten in the winter because it is very warm to be able to eat around a portable stove that is on the whole time as you eat this dish. Hot pot is a very hard dish to explain its flavors because the flavor of the food is different each time you eat it because of the different stock you use or because of what’s already in the pot cooking. This causes the flavor of the stew to taste like something else and makes the ingredient that you placed into the pot taste different every time.
Even though the flavor is changed it doesn’t change the fact that the food is really delicious, sometimes the chicken could taste like cooked chicken or sometimes it could taste like a mix of vegetables and seafood combined which taste pretty awesome. Hot pot is a traditional Asian dish that is very often eaten and made in the winter to stay warm while eaten.

A memory of me eating this dish was a few days ago on December 13th like always my mother always cooks the stock ahead of time and gets the ingredients ready. On that day my mother had live lobster, shrimp, fish, tofu, vegetables, mushroom, dumplings, chicken, duck, oyster, clam, and many other frozen of live food. On the 13th of December my sister’s Jenny and Janet, my little brother Jason, my mother of course, my uncle Zhi Fu and my mother’s friend’s Xiao Mei and Qui Ping was there to enjoy another day of hot pot. I and my three siblings sat down on the round table in the middle of the dining room which had a large television and a cable box next to it. The television was displaying a drama show called Zi Chai Qi Yuan which was a series about romance and the journey of the two lovers. My uncle Zhi Fu and my mother’s two friends sat down on the black leather couch to watch the show as my mother prepared the old black greasy portable stove on the round broken down wooden table. My mother would always serve fried rice and fried noodles as we waited for everything to be set up. As soon as my mother finished setting up the portable stove we all sat around the round table to begin to eat. Well not eat but we all began to put our favorite ingredients into the put. I...

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