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INTRODUCTIONATTENTION GETTER: Did you know that about 62% of Americans claim to own more than ten t-shirts in their wardrobe? That's roughly 1.5 billion shirts - line those up end to end, and they'd circle the globe 34 times. I am going to show you ways how to fold favorite T-shirts in one quick motion.SIGNIFICANCE: Learning how to fold a T-shirt in one quick motion is fun and useful. For instance, So many people have a tendency to leave those lovely, freshly laundered T-shirts on the floor, on their bed, or draped over their chair. Those are not actually wear your clothes belong. Learning to fold T-shirts properly will help you keep them wrinkle-free and your room clean. Moreover, it's help you to avoid to be the shooper who ruins entire T-shirt displays because he or she doesn't know how to fold.CREDIBILITY: I have been folding T-shirts in one quick motion since my childhood. Like in most of ordinary families I always helped my mom with household errands, but folding T-shirts was my favorite. I loved it at first sight when my mom showed me this quick motion. Later, when I got married I continued practicing to fold T-shirts. Last year, when I emigrated to the USA I and my husband had to live together with my brother-in-law until we found an apartment. My brother-in law was suprised how I folded T-shirts, and wanted to learn hot to do in this way. After that, I knew that he taught his girldfriend how to fold T-shirts in one quick motion. She enjoyed it too.CENTRAL IDEA: Therefore, I am going to teach you two ways how to fold a T-shirt in one quick motion.TRANSITION STATEMENT: So, let us get down to the instruction that help us to fold a T-shirt in quick motion.BODYMAIN POINT 1: To start off, folding a T-shirt in quick motion, you need as much as possible T-shirts. You can open your wardrobe and grab all the T-shirts you have inside it, or you can start practicing after your laundry. I am going to show you two ways how to fold a T-shirt. For the first variant you also need a flat surface, for the second - you need only T-shirts.TRANSITION STATEMENT: After you prepare all you need you will just have to follow these easy instructions.MAIN POINT 2: Working on a flat surface, lay the shirt horizontally, face up, with the collar of the shirt aligned to your right side. Then...

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