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Hotdog, Ingredient, And Process Essay

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Hotdogs have been around for a long time. People have been eating them for a long time. I’ll brining you what is inside of them and how they are made. The way they make them is pretty crazy and fascinating with all the animals they throw in there, and the all the salt and fillers, plus the grains and crumbs from bread.

Today I will be telling everything about a hotdog. Inside out, you name it. There are messy processes and methods that have to be exposed to the public. The ingredients are terrible and horrible. Pig isn’t the only animal in this cookout favorite. I’ll tell you the worst and best hotdogs that you can consume. I have great articles and books ...view middle of the document...

In one interview, by David Derbyshie, was saying, “Pork trimmings are mixed with the pink slurry formed chicken carcasses. After the pork trimmings you can throw in chops, bacon and ham, with your choose of chicken and turkey.”
When it comes to delightful food like the hotdog there’s always that one ingredient we always look over that can be very deadly. Well, I’ve seen it and that ingredient we look over is
Today I will be telling everything about a hotdog. Inside out, you name it. There are messy processes and methods that have to be exposed to the public. The ingredients are terrible and horrible. Pig isn’t the only animal in this cookout favorite. I’ll tell you the worst and best hotdogs that you can consume. I have great articles and books that will help me explain the process of making a hotdog. There will be a video you can look at in the references showing the whole thing. So I hope you enjoy everything that I’m telling you here today and always try to find out what’s in your food.
The hotdog is a worldwide favorite item when it comes to cook outs home cook meal, parties and even more. They have a history also. The hotdog was originally called frankfurters. Frankfurters were first created in Frankfurt, Germany, in1892. Frankfurters is a sausage at heart. Now hundreds are made around the globe. They have their own recipes for their hotdogs.
People have their own ingredients but most use the same items. Fillers, salt, flavoring, and meat are usually the main ingredients in a hotdogs. Some filler are corn syrup, corn starch, maitodexrtind, dried milk, and cereal. The ingredients for a basic hotdog are pretty mind blowing. You thought that pig was your only animals in a hotdog. OH NO! The basic ingredient for a hot dog is meat, meat fat, fillers, and could contain bread crumbs, oatmeal, and well any type of grain. That’s just the basics to get deeper into it. I looked up some articles and saw some jaw dropping things. In one interview, by David Derbyshie, was saying, “Pork trimmings are mixed with the pink slurry formed chicken carcasses. After the pork trimmings you can throw in chops, bacon and...


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