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Hotel Essay

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History Of the Hotel
According to mandarinoriental (2013) Madarian Oriental Hotel is a group of Hong Kong people started to build. So in 1974 this hotel was formed as a hotel management company. This group was expand the hotel into Asia, because they wanted to make more money all around the world. Since the 1990’s this group of people has expanded the hotel almost all around the world, 45 hotels representing over 11000 rooms in 26 countries, with 20 hotel in Asia, 11 in the Americas and 14 in Europe, Middle East and North Africa.
Singapore started to build a Mandarin Oriental Hotel in singapore which is 1987. But they renovation in 2004, so they make this hotel more beautiful and more acctractive. After they Renovate the hotel includes 527 rooms and suites, 6 restaurants and bars as well, and they also build a spa at the Mandarin Oriental, Singapore to make the customer more comfotable to the hotel. This hotel is a luxury hotel which is located at Marina Centre next to Marina Square Shopping centre and also quite near to Suntec City (THE MANDARIN ORIENTAL 2013)

in this past few years, there is an increase in tourism travel from a world wide and an increase in foreigner of course it has a good impact to the hotel industry. There is a shortage on Hotel’s room in Singapore.Nowadays there too less hotel in Singapore, many people like to go to Singapore to travel because they think that Singapore is a very safe country in the world so they can go any place and any time of course Singapore is also a higher expenses country. So for the traveler they go to Singapore maybe few day but they need to find a hotel to stay, there are too many tourist come to Singapore but there have no enough hotel, especially when the term break, many parent will bring along their kids go to Singapore to play.(Lee Pei Qi, Singapore, September 11, 2013)
For a long time, the mandarin Oriental hotel's goal is to become the world's most popular hotel and resort.Over the years, they grow their own business and needs, there are more than 20 hotels, and there are more than 10 hotels should develop, nearly 10000 roms in distribution in 23 different countries.It is very important in terms of 2007 , the company has achieved the best financial performance ever.because of it global growth and corporate diversification of investment.But starting in September, because of the influence of the global financial crisis, as the change of market environment, the hotel occupancy rate and all relevant income is relatively reduced, including the threat of influenza a (H1N1), these make the mandarin Oriental hotel is facing great challenges.But still the development of the mandarin Oriental hotel positive hotel to remain profitable, finally ushered in the turnaround in 2010, the global economy starts to recover, the hotel occupancy rate began to grow high.Make related income continues to grow.,until now ,the mandarin Oriental hotel has achieved very good sales performance.(mandarin...

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