Hotel Employees’ Attitude And Participation In Environmental Management: A Case Study Of Novotel Bangkok Hotel In Siam Square, Thailand.

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Thailand tourism plays an important role in its economic development and the hotel business is part of it. Tourism industry and hotel businesses are influence and supporting each other. The activities of hotel businesses are issues that had a much impact on the environment. The global warming phenomenon has been dramatically increasing. Environmental crisis has become one of the world’s most serious problems to be concerned about caused by increasing world population. People had doubled the consumption of natural resource (Webster, 2005).

Activities from tourism have affected directly and indirectly the ecosystems. For instance, coral reefs is damaged by tourists such as trampling, buying, or collecting reefs species which has a direct impact occurring in the vicinity, or increasing water temperatures as experiential in South Pole fluctuation phenomena. It is probable to be the result of global climate change related to human activities including travel that it may be an indirect impact occurring on large regional scales (Gossling, 2002).

At the same time, there has been a rising understanding within the global hotel industry of the relevance of environmental protection issues. Hotel businesses are seen to be changing their reputation by engaging in environmental initiatives. Triggered by the global initiative to discuss tourism’s environmental and social impacts in “Agenda 21” of the 1992 Earth Summit, hotel associations in developed nations are making effort to drive hotels towards controlled environmental management (Kasim, 2004). Most hotel businesses are conducting a practice, policy and strategy known as an Environmental Management System (EMS) to get advantages among competitive hotels in market share (Darliy and Huang, 2001). Therefore, hotels have to adjust timely plans to deal with environmental management all the time about consumers’ demands for greener products and operational efficiencies in sustainable way.

Employees are important to organizations, and can be improved or underdeveloped organizational performance (Huselid, 1995; Hoque, 2000). Therefore, in environmental management, it needs supporters’ participatory approach to shared environmental responsibility among the hotel employees in order to achieve the same goal and solve problems in environmental management.

Moreover, employees are considered key to the survival of competitive organizations, especially in light of the new economic environment of globalization and employment where employees' qualities, attitudes, and behavior in the workplace could affect the performance of organizations. Therefore, Human Resource Management (HRM) has become a critical issue for the hotel industry (Nolan, 2002). In addition, Wattana (2009) she is an Asst. Director of Human Resources of Novotel Bangkok Hotel in Siam Square states that a good employees’ attitude is important for hotels. Attitude and personality in working that is a first one organization will consider because a...

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