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Hotel Hospital Essay

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Waking up to the reek of antiseptic and hand sanitizer is not exactly how I planned to spend my Monday morning. I guess when doctors diagnose you with uterine cancer and say surgery is the only option, you jump into your car with your squeaky slippers and your Betty Bop pajamas and off you go. Having outpatient surgery is awesome and won’t require overnight stays, but being admitted and having your own paradise is disguise will leave you restless and moody. Don’t expect to have a menu with 3 course items, as you will be disappointed in your of cuisine. Hold on to the rails, it will be a bumpy road. Welcome to hotel hospital.
As soon as I walk through the wide caution labeled double doors, I am immediately greeted by my nurse in charge. She immediately takes me to my private island surrounded by 2 huge curtains and my rolling space ship. I am examined by my doctor, but if feels more like a police search. As ...view middle of the document...

The relaxed, chill and calm environment always seems to cheer me up, but only lasts for a minute. Family, friends and nurses arrive to greet me as if I was the first lady of the United States. This is usually the part when I feel the urge to run away like the wind, but all these apparatus keep me from getting up. I continue to press on my self-medicating button and fall asleep to avoid the craziness in my room. At least that way, I’ll for sure have good night’s rest. The only thing missing is an electronic swipe card hotel lock to keep everyone out except housekeeping.
It around noon and after sleeping for many hours, I wake up to a mixed scent of lemon, rubbing alcohol and antiseptic. Housekeeping had entered my room leaving fresh towels on the counter. The nurse is beside me drawing blood once again. At this point, I just want to ask for compensation for all blood they’ve taken. Needing to recover my energy, I order room service for my award winning lunch that consists of chicken noodle broth, crackers, orange jello and apple juice. For once, I actually loved every bit of it. Being on liquid diet 2 days prior to surgery and fasting a whole day will make you love hospital food and demand for seconds.
Anxiously waiting for an update on my surgery and the release date, I asked for my doctor. My nurse explained he visited me last night, but with all the medication I requested with pressing the button, couldn’t wait for me to wake up. She begins by disconnection a few cables which had me feeling like an octopus. It’s a good sign. I might be leaving soon, but not until billing has made their pit stop. Collection happens after the services, unlike hotels, you pay before accessing your room.
The best part of leaving the hospital is leaving. Not because of the people. The staff I had were loving a caring, but the stay is not the best. It pretty much means you won’t be getting a whole lot of sleeping time, award winning meals or privacy. At last, I am leaving this paradise is disguise. As I see those double caution doors opening and I am being wheeled out, I become cheerful and joyful. This one night stay is over. Beware of those extended stays.

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