Hotel Management Software For Small Business Business Administration Undergraduate Studies Assignment

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1.0 Introduction
The main purpose of this assignment is to recognize and confer the significance of a computer system in hotel business. The paper sheds light upon the computerized system utilized for the allotment of rooms and also the billing system used by the hotel; Stayz Villa. At present, the management system of Stayz Villa is operated manually which results in the rise of a colossal amount of problems.
This assignment will give an introduction to the background of hotel management system in general, and highlight some of the key advantages offered by such systems. It will then suggest the best hotel management system suited for small hotel businesses like Stayz Villa. This information is presented with the help of pictorial representation such as charts and tables. Before concluding the assignment, the feasibility of the system will be briefly explained, thereby highlighting its technical and economic feasibility. It will further propose the budget for the implementation and usage of the program.
2.0 Computerized hotel management system
Management of a hotel involves a copious amount of operations such as inventory management, reservations, bookings, housekeeping, finance, and many more. All these operations occur concurrently and supervising and running these miscellaneous activities manually is a very challenging process. Consequently, this resulted in the commencement of computerized hotel management system (HMS). This system automates a host of recurring functions. Automated software aids the management to run hotel operations at an optimum level, gather business information, thereby allowing them to monitor costs carefully.
HMS system allows hotels to supervise and administer data of customers and staff data for rapid results. Hotel management system, provides its users with features that enables to enter customer data, simplify the management and administration tasks with features that allows to do booking or reservation of rooms, handle cancellation of the rooms, cash billing, room service and the entire billing system through the computerization of the hotel management system.
HMS is designed with the integration of an extensive variety of room prices, discounts, dates, which allows the tracking of accessibility of guestrooms and their rates for at least a year. Furthermore, it keeps record of information of guests if reserved in advance, regardless of whether it is a single guest or a group of guests. Through its various services offered, HMS assists in the selection of a suitable room for the guest either on arrival or on advanced booking. Apart from the management of check-in states of the hotel’s guests the software also aids to keep record of all the operating expenses of guest to their rooms when they reside at the hotel. This is done directly, or is facilitated by an interface to one of sub-systems which manages other operations of the hotel such as bar or POS charges.
In relation to finance and handling of accounting, HMS...

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