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Hotel Rwanda Analysis

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Once I finished watching the movie Hotel Rwanda, the first thought that came up to me was that the structure and the lesson of the story seems to be similar with the very well-known movie Schindeler's List: A very average, wise man with a motive that emerged from nowhere to risk all that he has to save the lives of a couple hundred people with the same destiny, death. Hotel Rwanda is based on the genocide during the early 1990s where the Tutsis were being exterminated by the Hutu. As the reporter even pointed out, the massacre might be seen from the TV sets around the world, and they would say " 'Oh my God, that's terrible', and they'll go on eating their dinners," he declares.. Instead of basing the movie on a larger view, it is enclosed to a small location just in the hotel, focused more on a less known, less understood horror, on one man who made a difference.Paul Rusesabagina, manager of a five-star hotel in Kigali. A smart man who ingratiates rich guests, using bribes to obtain a smooth business in the hotel. Other than his wife and children, he is careless about the outer world. His character is revealed through the early scene as the political tension increases all over the country and the soldiers storming through his neighbors home's at night. Paul coldly declines to help his neighbor by saying, "He isn't family. Family is all that matters. As a Hutu himself with a Tutsi wife (Tatiana), he becomes a hero accidently when helping the people that stayed in his house. Yet later using his hotel to keep the refugees, he realises...

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2776 words - 11 pages , a murder occurred every two seconds; resulting in 18% of the Tutsi population being killed. A decade after the war, in 2004, the film Hotel Rwanda was released. The film followed the story of a Hutu man; Paul Rusesabagina as he housed over 1200 Tutsi refugees in his hotel. The Hotel De Milles Collines, a five-star resort in the capital city Kigali, was a safe haven for several hundred Tutsis during the 100 days of slaughter in Rwanda

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1144 words - 5 pages It was unethical for the UN forces and the rest of the Western nations to disregard the Rwandan genocide. Hotel Rwanda is a film that reveals how the world watched as innocent lives were lost in Rwanda. The genocide escalated due to lack of moral values in the society, especially in the Western community. Watching the film, Hotel Rwanda, can make one wonder how cruel the humanity can be. The film is suitable as a focal point for discussing evil

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2865 words - 11 pages would be distasteful to them."Hotel Rwanda stands out from many other Hollywood 'historical' films as it not only stuck to the basic story, but it created an almost exact replication of what went on in Rusesabagina's life during this period."The great thing about Paul's story is that a vast bulk of it is totally true, I had to string a few things along together, a, to tell the story of the genocide, and b, to make it move at a certain speed

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2907 words - 12 pages Education, 2009. Web. 9 Apr. 2010. . Fisanick, Christina, ed. The Rwanda Genocide. Michigan: Greenhaven, 2004. Print. George, Terry, and Keir Pearson. Hotel Rwanda: Bringing the True Story of an African Hero to Film. New York: Newmarket, 2005. Print. Glass, Charles. "The United Nations Must Intervene to Prevent Nuclear War Between Pakistan and India


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