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Hounslow Primary Care Trust Essay

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This assignment will discuss the Hounslow Primary Care Trust (HPCT) and its policies relating to alcohol misuse and will outline the causes and effects of alcohol misuse in the Hounslow PCT. In order to gain an in-depth knowledge of the factors that affect and contribute to the alcohol misuse, contents such as the demographics of the neighbourhood, health belief model, government’s policies, social economic status, and culture will be discussed.

Hounslow is a borough located at the west of Central London, in close proximity to Heathrow airport. The Office for National Statistics (2001) census states that HPCT serves a population of 212,341 people, and the local economy has a higher than average level of full-time employment. In 2001 Hounslow’s resident population was 49% male and 51% female. Approximately 11.5% of residents in Hounslow are aged over 65, while 23.2% are under 18 years of age (Office for National Statistics, 2001). The majority of the residents are of white British origin and the second largest group are Asian British, many of who are from Indian origins (Hounslow Borough Profile, 2001). Just over half of the population are Christian, followed by Muslim; Sikh and Hindu are the next largest faith groups in the borough and with over 120 languages spoken in the borough, Hounslow is one of the most culturally diverse boroughs in London (Hounslow Council, 2005). The HPCT works closely with the local hospitals and specialist healthcare organisations to help provide treatment for residents who need hospital or specialist care (London Borough of Hounslow, 2008). HPCT researches areas from national websites such as statistics finding the census population numbers, and find out what the residents of a particular area are lacking regarding health care (Hounslow PCT, 2011).

Hounslow Community Safety and Crime (2011) report reveals more than 2.2 percent of borough residents drink more than the recommended units of alcohol per week. As stated by the government, the recommended weekly limit of alcohol is 21 units for men and 14 units for women (NHS Choices, 2011). Alcohol misuse is a major health problem that causes a heavy burden on society and the National Health Service (NHS); the NHS reveals that an estimated six billion pounds a year is spent in treating alcohol related diseases and problems (NHS, 2011). Velleman (2011) defines alcohol misuse as hazardous, harmful and unlimited alcohol consumption

During 2009-2010, The National Health Service reported that there were 1,057,000 hospital admissions in England with a primary diagnosis specifically related to alcohol (National Stastistics, 2011). Overall in 2009-2010 there were a higher proportion of males being admitted to hospital with primary of alcohol related liver disease (National Statistics, 2011). In contrast, the London Borough of Hounslow (2011) estimates that there were 6,769 deaths directly related to alcohol misuse. Two thirds of these deaths were associated to alcohol...

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