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Most of these captain speeches sound the same. They start with a quote, have a couple of jokes and try ever so cleverly to find the balance between inspiration and comedy.
So what makes a good captain speech? Basically I’ve got to stand here and be serious...but not too serious...funny...but not over the top. and caring...but not too caring.
Really, if I want to impress you, I’ve got to figure out how to get up here, keep a smile on both my face and yours, speak for 3 minutes and yet say nothing.

But instead, I’m going to be real. And I’m going to be me.
Being a leader is not just about being an outspoken character that gets noticed, it’s about all the other little qualities. I believe that the TWO,, most important qualities of a house captain are strong school spirit, motivation, dedication, positivity and knowing how to count.

I have represented the school in many sports such as soccer, touch football, softball, cross-country and athletics, as well as being a coach and mentor for younger age groups.
This may seem like a lot, but in reality, It took me a while to start trying out for sporting opportunities as a junior.
Although I was loud, I didn’t have much confidence. And from this, I missed out on so much within the college, as I was afraid of embarrassing myself and getting rejected.

It was up until year 8 and 9, that I started to move out of my comfort zone. I realised I could get out of reading Goodnight...

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