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I was a child the age of eight when my parents separated. I remember being nine years old and having to go into a lawyer’s office and having to appeal against my own father. I remember how many tears were drawn over those years. People deal with trauma in different ways, some facing whatever is coming on them and become spiteful. Others shut down and hide like a turtle in a shell. No matter how you deal with pain, no one can deny how traumatizing a failed marriage can be to one’s health. Marriage is a failed and outdated practice, in the next century it has to be a practice that ceases to exist.
About four-in-ten (39%) Americans hold the view that “marriage is becoming obsolete.” An over ...view middle of the document...

Even among 25- to 29-year-olds, 84% of whom had ever been married in 1960, only 42% were in 2010. The largest reason to the diminishing rate of Americans who have ever married and also why the median age of first marriages is rising is that students are waiting to finish their education. With the rising rate of people attending college, the rate of people who wait till they are finished with schooling has also risen. By education level, the likelihood of having ever been married has declined for all groups, but most sharply for the least educated. Among adults without a high school diploma, 69% had ever been married in 2010, compared with 88% in 1960. Among adults with college degrees, 78% had ever been married in 2010, compared with 82% in 1960. (A Record Low)
Many societies have had a very casual attitude to what modern society considers marriage. The well know “tradition” that marriage has to be licensed by the state or sanctified by the church is more of a modern ideal than most assume. For example in Ancient Roman culture the difference being partners together and marriage was entirely subjective. And the sanctity of marriage with religious affiliations gets taken apart when you look at the fact that for more than a thousand years the Catholic Church took the position that if a man and a woman had claimed that they shared words of consent, no matter if stated in a church or out by a haystack, then they were married. (Transformation of Marriage)
Several studies have found that religion has had a positive correlation with marriage. Specifically those who practiced and attended church regularly has increased the chance of that person getting married by an average of sixty-three percent. As Uecker et al. (2007:1684) states “Marriage and religion are both commitments; [one] who is prone to make one commitment is also more likely to make the other.” (Religion and Marriage) Yet the argument for marriage concerning religion is taken apart when you look at two factors. In America the church and state have been separated from each other for over a hundred years. Yet, the state plays a heavy hand in marriage (with economic and legal benefits) even though marriage is primarily a religious institution. The second factor, is why should religion control marriage today? When for over a thousand years all the church required was the stated word, no legal evidence required.
If we look at modern society it is clearly seen that the modern social role and mutual relationship of marriage, singlehood, and divorce is largely different than anything seen in the past. An ordered way of organizing such things as caregiving, childbearing, residential arrangements, sexual interactions, or interpersonal retribution of resources has been attempted at some points in other societies. But the coexistence in one society of doing all of these things and the social acceptance of all of these things have never been seen before. (Transformation of Marriage) Yet we are...

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