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House Of Cards Essay

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In the United States fifty percent of marriages in the past twenty years end in divorce. Divorce is a traumatizing event for any party involved, even worse if the partners have children. Only twenty-six percent of our generation has gotten married before thirty-two, a large drop from sixty-five percent of the population just three generations ago. In the past century the rate of marriage has been diminishing, in the next century marriage should cease to exist.
The Shakespearean motivation of ‘love’ has only existed as a main reason to get married for the past century. Before that the main reason to get married was the economic benefits it provided. These benefit till existing today, ...view middle of the document...

America is a religious nation, a vast amount of our populous practices a belief in god and worship. Over fifty percent of married people say that religion is an immense factor in their relationship. One of the biggest reasons people decide to get married is that their religion provokes them to. In multiple religions there are rules, for example, in Christianity its rules state that one cannot have pre-marital sexual contact. No matter what your religious belief is, these constricting laws, are not only inefficient, but completely outdated to modern society. The human race has the right to each of our own beliefs, but we can choose to either being stuck in the past as your belief should not give you permission to hold us back.
It is shocking that, marriage is still legally allowed. If nearly half of anything else ended so terribly, the government would ban it quickly. With how many things the government has gone into in the past, if marriage was seen as anything less than the goal that we see it as now. The public would be demanding action. Yet this disaster happens repeatedly.
The harsh reality is that marriage is not about love. It is about money. Behind idea of romance that we have given it, “marriage is primarily a financial agreement merging the assets and liabilities of two individuals into a single corporate entity”. After your wedding, the money you earn and debts you have are no longer legally yours; they belong to the marital “community”—a common pot that both of you contribute to and draw from. You can compare it to Communism: an idealistic sharing of resources and risks supposedly for the common good. What could go wrong with this plan? The same problems that brought down political Communism in the late 20th Century: It slows growth, suppresses ingenuity, and reduces responsibility. Healthy relationships need clear boundaries, and marriage erases too many of them at once.
Marriage was designed for medieval times. Back then, life was hard and short; most marriages were arranged, and a woman was fundamentally the property of her husband. “Marriage was a sort of licensing system for sex and childbirth”. Once the relationship was officially approved and the religious ceremony concluded, the couple's overriding goal was to reproduce many children, knowing that a large amount of them would die. Times have changed. Birth control, longer lifespans, sexual freedom and women’s rights have changed the rules of matrimony. Yet we refuse to adapt, society refuses to see marriage as what it was originally intended to be used for. Just because we change the name of it, doesn’t change the act itself. Love and money are separate issues they should be kept that way.
In modern American society, unmarried people can legally have sex, cohabitate a household, raise children, buy property together and do nearly everything else associated with a committed relationship, so what is the purpose behind marriage? What are you truly getting when you walk down...

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