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The House Of Compassion Essay

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I visited the House of Compassion which is facility in Marshalltown, IA. House of Compassion is a non-profit organization that opened twenty years ago. They are a place of hospitality for those that our hungry, homeless, or in need of medical assistance. The services they have include a supply closet, soup kitchen, emergency shelter, and a Medical Assistance Program. The supply closet enables them to supply personal hygiene products for families in need, diapers is a common need that is often forgotten by the public. The soup kitchen provides food for those that our hungry, and recently the House of Compassion as started a Garden of Compassion which they use to grow food to continue to feed and inform those that our in need. The Emergency Shelter is available for those that have no where to go. They have many beds for people to sleep in, and they are encouraged and supported while they are staying there. This is a common place for people to come in transition, in refuge, and most that come of a sense of hopelessness. Reversing this hopelessness is what the House of Compassion is hoping to do. They want to provide basic needs and help people back on their feet and experience again the hope that we have in Christ.
The official mission statement for the House of Compassion is “Called by our faith in Jesus Christ to act in love, the House of Compassion responds to the needs of our neighbors and advocates justice and dignity for all” (Frohwein, 2013). While on earth so much of Jesus ministry was focused on healing, feeding, clothing, and lifting up the marginalized. He feed and healed people before he professed to them that he was the Bread of Life and the Messiah. This is way it is important that we too are willing to feed and cloth people as a way of demonstrating the Gospel and then share the good news. We are to fight for social justice even if those we are fighting for our not Christians. Pohl (1999) defined hospitality as the abilty to recognize and treat someone with dignity, which is especially important when the person is already not valued by the surrounding society. She shared the true hospitality saves people from becoming invisible and abandoned, and hospitality involves you giving yourself to share life with other and allowing them to share their life with you. (Pohl, 1999). I felt this was at the heart of the House of Compassion. The workers do not judge the individuals that come in, nor do they try to fix them. They simply see them as people who are often looked down on and share a meal with them, which is a vital part of sharing life together. The power of recognition is also something that I saw having great influence at the House of Compassion. Phol’s definition of recognition is “respecting the dignity and equal worth of every person and valuing their contributions” (1999, pg. 65). This was most widely observed in the work down in the Garden of Compassion. The garden is something that needs consistent care, and allowing those...

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