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Housewife To Career: The Growth Of Women In The Labor Markert

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For centuries, women has always been dominated and controlled by men. Society has viewed women as the weaker gender and relied on men in order to survive. As time went on, things have changed, society has became more advance and so are women. During the World War II, women have increased their role in the society by replacing the men’s in the labor market and also increased their status in the society. Today, the growth of women in the work force continually to raise and so are their status. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the National Bureau of Economic Research, statistics have shown 58.1% of women were in the labor market in 2011 (USBLS) compared to employment rate during the war was 35% of women in the labor market in 1945 (Bussing-Burks). So what factors must have interested women to move from being housewife to the work force? Explanations can be derived through observations of their relationship in the household, their relative status in the society, and their rationality in decision-making.
First of all, the growth of women in the labor market is possibly due to their relationship or marriage condition such as leaving an abusive relationship, the loss of husband, or single mothers. In the case of abusive relationship, women have the most disadvantages. Their partner emotionally and physically violated them. The Domestic Abuse Center reported, “One out of every three women will be abused at some point in her life”. This is even more than the rate of women getting breast cancer! In order for women to leave the abusive relationship, they essentially will need to enter the labor market so that they can be independent and be able to gain resources through their productivity. Thus, this will positively affect in the growth of women in the labor market. Additionally, when women loss their husband or the supporter of the family, they had to replace their husband to provide for the family by entering the work force. Similarly, single mothers in the labor market are common nowadays. PewResearch said, “A record 40% of all households with children under the age of 18 include mothers who are either the sole or primary source of income for the family” illustrated that single mothers maintain almost half the amount of total households (PewResearch). They are the primary supporters of the family. The loss of their family supporter encourages them to enter the labor market in order to provide goods and services to the family. Furthermore, poverty exists the greatest among families headed by single mothers. The National Center for Law and Economic Justice shows that, “Almost 31% of households headed by a single woman were living below the poverty line—nearly five times the 6.3% poverty rate for families headed by a married couple” (NCLEJ). If the women happened to be the primary provider for the family, she would have to enter the labor market in order to get the family out of poverty or at least not result in...

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