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Housing Affordability in Australia has become the focus point for urban planners in recent years. In particular, South East Queensland (SEQ) has experienced significant pressure as the demand for property and affordable dwellings increases and population growth in the region continues. The issue has come to the forefront in discussions for local governments in the region and there is a real need to address the problem of housing affordability. The subject of affordability is complex and is contributed to by a number of factors including the impost created by Council processes, which is the scope of the HAF-T5 Project.
The need to reduce these imposts is a key driver for continued improvement in Council processes to streamline the approval of housing related development applications. There is a direct correlation between the cost of housing and the time it takes for Council approval to be obtained for a development. It is the intention of this project to isolate the unnecessary costs and, where possible, remove them from the assessment process.
Purpose of the Document
The purpose of this document is to provide a summary of the Council File Survey activity and inform the HAF-T5 project for the respective council involved in the HAF-T5 project.
This File Survey Report (FiSuR) is broken into four (4) key parts:
Part 1 – Key Council Statistics
• Quantitative Observations – including the key statistical data obtained during the council file survey.
Part 2 – Council Observations
• Qualitative Observations – including the key information observed from staff interviews and information found on file during the Council File Survey.
Part 3 – Detailed Analysis (To Follow)
• Comparative Analysis between Council and the Region.
• Drawing on key information observed from staff interviews and information found on file during the Council File Survey.
Part 4 – Recommendations (To Follow)
• Improvement Program – including regional and council-specific recommendations.
The underlying intention of this document in its current form (Parts 1 and 2) is to establish an “As Is” picture, so to speak, of a Council’s development assessment processes.

Parts 1 and 2 will be presented to Council for validation and discussion with HAF representatives.
File Survey Overview
HAF-T5 programme Objectives
The aim of the Target 5 Days (HAF-T5) project is to reduce government’s impact on the development assessment process through reductions in assessment time. This will reduce the holding costs and infrastructure costs for applicants, contributing greatly to the bottom line overheads experienced by developers, both professional and non professional (without considering the greater issue of land supply).
The objectives of HAF-T5 project are to deliver process reform such that Councils in SEQ will deliver:
• Reduced assessment timeframe for 95% of residential development applications; and
• 75% reduction in approval timeframe for residential...

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