Housing Market In Demand And Supply University Of Auckland Essay

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Building Concept
The main concept of the building is to create a building that cater the traditional family and help them to adept the future style of living. By the term of future style of living, I mean to create an environment that encourage physical internal and communication. The reason behind was to adjust the problem of relying on technology and decreasing the physical and social interaction, which lead to lot of healthy issue and side effect.

Physical Interaction

Ideas that support the concept
Create communal space on each level according to the adoption level. Less share space at the traditional family floor and getting more and more share space at the top.
Increase the chance of meeting other residents
Encourage the use of communal space:
Making the daily rote and program have to go through the communal space.
Bring the low frequency use area or secondary function space into the communal area, e.g. the laundry, clothesline and the share kitchen.

Puffer zone and layering between the private and the public.
Some traditional family prefer the idea of...

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