Housing Problems Around Seattle Central District

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In these days, housing problems are one of the worst problems, not only for Seattle Central students, but for all college students in the United States. According to homeguides.sfgate.com, students suffer from getting houses or apartments in terms of cost and space. Apartments near and around our school are especially more expensive than other schools. Seattle central students are also confronting more severe problems now that housing costs are increasing. Housing costs are cheaper if apartments are a little further from Seattle Central. However, to move further means that students would have to abandon accessibility and convenience, which is important for students. Dormitories could be one of the best alternatives, but it has very limited capacity and is as expensive as apartments near our school.
Housing problems should be solved as soon as possible. To do that, the colleges have to consider how to solve costs and small dormitory problems. There are specific examples regarding cost aspects about apartments being too costly, which are located near Seattle Central. If we walk 20 minutes on Madison Street, there is an apartment called Summit at Madison Park. For a one bedroom apartment it costs around $1450.00 a month. Near our school though, a one bedroom apartment costs around $1700.00 per month. This example shows that there is a significant difference in terms of cost. However most universities and colleges in United States have similar troubles with solving expensive housing cost problems near each school, but schools need to start providing clear solutions.
To help solve this problem, our school should create a contract with nearby apartments, so that students can get discounts with those apartment complexes. For instance, as students pay rent each month, the school can pays for those apartments each month. This would be how the students could get the discounts. Another way is that the government provides subsidies to the college so that students are able to get discounts for rent.
Some people might say that it is too hard for schools to accept this proposal because there are too many students in attendance. In addition, since colleges get limited amount of subsidies, schools may face a problem regarding finance. They may also emphasize that homestay (living with a host family) would be the best option for a cheaper place to live. However, I do not think this privilege should be for all Seattle Central students. This privilege would be for students, for example, who gets A’s in their classes. If our school does so, not only can students get their apartments cheaper, but also they will study harder to get cheaper apartments.
Homestay also has its problems. Here is my situation; from summer quarter to now, I’ve done homestay. My host family is nice and rent is not expensive. Like most of...

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