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Houston Art Essay

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A piece that uses linear perspective to show space

An Oil and beeswax on three canvas panels artwork was created by Brice Marden in 1970. This image is called "Blonde" and at first sight, three rectangles colored in three different shades of blue can be seen positioned vertically. The artist used accuracy in linear perspectives, in order to give equal sides to the three rectangles. The rectangles have the same space, and size as a result of a good linear perspective.

A piece of art that I understand and would like to know more about

An oil painting by the artist Forrest Bess is somewhat mysterious, and difficult to understand. The painting has no title, and uses red, blue, green, and white. At the top, there are some green figures confusing my interpretation of the image. I do not know what those figures might represent. Maybe fire, vegetation, or wave effects. It is difficult to know the significance of this artistic work. Another difficult thing to understand are the blue, and white stripes occupying almost three quarters of the painting. My mind could not create any landscape, dimension, or place based on what can be seen.

A work of art that takes my breath away

The antique painting called "The Suicide of Lucretia" was developed in 1529 by Lucas Cranach. This artwork took off my breathing because of what it represents. I've never in my life seen a suicide attempt on artistic paintings. It is impressive to see how the woman is going to take that dagger against her chest. The face of the woman shows sadness, pain, and suffering. It makes me want be in that moment to snatch the dagger from her hands, and prevent suicide. Next to the right shoulder of the lady, there is a window through which a very rare figure can be seen emerging from the horizon. The figure is colored brown, and appears to be a giant monster. Very impressive painting.
Brief description of my visit

I had an unforgettable experience at the Museum of Fine Arts. My three year old son accompanied me...

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