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How 1960’s Impacted American’s Modern Life

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During the 1960’s America was experiencing many historical changes, both pleasant and tragic events, such as Sexual Revolution, Vietnam War, Civil Rights Act and the rise of NASA. These movements have strongly impacted the way Americans’ live today.
One of the biggest events during the 60’s was the Sexual Revolution; it was a big change for women in American. During that period, the idea of women having sex as freely as man disturbed the society. Therefore, the revolution was breakthrough with the invention of the birth control pill to show the empowerment of single women in American. (People & Events: The Pill and the Sexual Revolution) The revolution allowed single women to have the same sexual freedom and behavior as man, and with the pill, women have less risk of getting pregnant. Also with the pills production, marriage and virginity were slowly replaced by the celebration of single life and sexual exploration. (People & Events: The Pill and the Sexual Revolution) According to PBS, with the rising single life style, Hugh Hefner started a new magazine called Playboy; it’s a representative to show the fun and pleasure of being single and sex. (People & Events: The Pill and the Sexual Revolution) Women competed with each other in order be on the cover or in the magazine. Women who were in the magazine also mean they were the finest among others. Birth control pill and Playboy magazine are still heavily influence in our daily life. The pill is commonly used today and it has prevented many teenagers of becoming pregnant. As well as the magazine has become one of the world’s famous man magazines, and it still stands its title today.
Another big impact the 1960’s had today was the Civil Rights Act led by Martin Luther King Jr. the movement was the beginning of the black power to come in place in the United States. Before the Civil Rights Act, there was segregation between African Americans and the whites within the school system, restaurants and public transportation. African Americans can’t receive the same level of education, environment and textbooks compared to the whites. In a restaurant, they were refused to being served by the waiters and other customers would throw food and garbage at them, sometimes they were even rejected by force. As well as on a bus, African Americans weren't allowed to sit at the front roll of the bus, and only until all the whites have seated first. With all the racial events happening, a nonviolence protest was headed by King Jr. on August 28, 1963 about a quarter million of people marched on Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial peacefully as an action of protest of the civil rights and a celebration to the famous speech by King Jr. “I Had a Dream”. (Civil Rights Act March on Washington) After the Act was signed, all sorts of racial segregation were prohibited in public places and all man was considered equal. If African Americans did not fight for their rights during the 60’s, we won’t even have...

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