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How 9/11 Changed America Essay

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To this country, 9/11 is known as a devastating event but it has brought us closer as a nation. People all around the country were impacted by this terrifying event. Especially those who were in the Twin towers when the building was struck or those who tried to help save people that were stuck in the building whether they were a co-worker or a firefighter. The day 9/11 occurred people were put through pain, anger and hardship.

The morning of September 11, 2001 started off as any other normal day to many people. That changed very quickly as two jetliners were hijacked leaving Boston to Los Angeles. At 7:45 Rockford time flight eleven hit the North tower of the World Trade Center, flight eleven had 92 people aboard. Eighteen minutes later flight 175 hit the South tower with 65 people aboard. At 8:40 flight 77 from Los Angeles to Washington was also hijacked with 64 people aboard hit the Pentagon. The fourth and final plane to get hijacked that day was flight 93 from Newark, New Jersey to San Francisco with 64 people aboard had crashed near Pittsburgh approximately around nine in the morning. When the two jetliners hit the World Trade Center towers approximately 1,100 people were trapped on or above the floors where the planes had hit. Nearly 3,000 people were killed in the 9/11 attacks. There was approximately nineteen terrorists who attacked the four planes, the terrorist were from the middle East and were in a group called the Al Qaeda. Their leader Bin Laden was killed May 1, 2011.

Many people were scared, angry and just filled with mixed emotions during and after this terrifying event. Myrtle Dahlberg, a Rock river valley resident said “I’m dumbfounded. It can’t
happen in this country”. But the people who were probably more filled with mixed emotions
Montoya 2
were the people who survived but were stuck in the towers. A survivor named Genelle Guzman- McMillan was actually saved by a canine as she was trapped in rubble waiting for someone to rescue her. Genelle was on the 64th floor of the North tower when the plane hit. Before the tower collapsed Genelle and some co-workers had made it down stairwell B. As the floor Genelle was standing on caved in, she remembers the being sudden darkness and feeling somewhat of a soft spot beneath where she was standing she looked down and realized she had been standing on the body of a deceased firefighter. When talking to HLN reporters Genelle recounted everything as she was waiting to be rescued. She says “I knew I was going to die because there was no way I was going to make it, completely trapped. Hours are going by and I keep preparing myself to die.” Genelle says she was a semi- religious person because of her parents, but in that moment she started praying and asking God to save her. Genelle was the last survivor pulled out from the rubble from what was once the Twin towers. There was about 300 dogs used in the rescue and recovery of the towers collapsing. One of the dogs was what saved...

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