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How 9/11 Has Changed Our Lives

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The author Ian Frazier has weighed in on the subject of patriotic ideals in his off-beat account of being a good American in his essay “All-Consuming Patriotism”. In the opening paragraphs of his story, Frazier satires the typical ideal of an American from the view of the world: materialistic, vain, self-centered, obese, and wasteful. His character professes to worry about his ability to shop to meet the needs of the country’s current economic demand. He cries as he shops, to fulfill his duties as an American, because it is now currently acceptable to cry in public by popular decree. He buys items that he clearly does not need, and if he purchases the wrong products his wife just throws them away instead of donating them to a family in need that was stricken by the attacks of 9/11. As the story progresses, the reader clearly begins to understand the implied farce. The author begins to compare the struggles of today with excerpts from a book called “Trials and Triumphs: The record of the Fifty-Fifth Ohio Volunteer Infantry." These brave men and women were true Americans who understood the meaning of sacrifice of one’s self for the greater good of their country. The contrast between spending in excess and the sacrifices of time, blood, sweat, and tears made by the men and women of the Civil War era is the perfect tone to resonate the true meaning of All-Consuming Patriotism. American history teaches citizens of the parody the state of the country’s government is in compared to the glory days of the past. As stated by Ian Frazier, "[our elected leaders] think of us as customers that must be kept happy” (Frazier 394). In other words, most of our national leader’s backgrounds are in the private economic sector; Americans today tend to believe our politicians do not understand the concept of citizenship. The people of this great country wanted to do something to help those in need and to heal as a nation. In agreeance with Frazier; we the people need guidance, honesty, and compassion. We did not deserve a convenient cover up of the greater financial threat that looms in the distance. Our government needs to understand that we are America’s citizens and not just its consumers. Americans of all backgrounds and nationalities experienced a great loss on 9/11, and we all suffered as one nation. As a people we came together to help one another to cope with the tragedy. It is common knowledge that many lives were affected on this day; in my opinion the tragedy pulled us closer together as a country, it gave us purpose, and made us stronger as a nation.
The date of September 11, 2001 profoundly changed the lives of many Americans in drastic ways. Some of us suffered the loss of loved ones in the tragedy of the events that day, while others stated they were merely stunned and angered due to the magnitude of the act of terrorism wrought on this day. Many Americans tend to believe that more could have been done to prevent the other three hijacked planes...

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