How A Divorce Can Affect A Child's Life

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Is it fair for a child to have multiple parents? Are you aware of the repercussions a divorce can trigger in a Childs life? Why bring a child into the world with a family that is unsteady? Is it the adults whom are causing children to commit suicide, and run away from home? Is it fair for children to suffer due to our parents disagreements? Divorces are destructive towards the children, and more parents should attempt to exhaust options before choosing this avenue.
Divorced parents think their own happiness is more important than their child/children (Divorce Parents Decry Own Selfishness 6). To conceive a child takes two. Therefore, both parents should remain together despite the intense altercations. To remain in a marriage and attempt to put up with one another, shows the child/children that both parents care and are willing to do any and everything to endure their families well-being. Although the disappearing act of a Childs parents may leave the child confused. Divorcing with a family is hurtful to both the other spouse and the child. Parents of divorce fail to realize how much more work is placed on their back to raise a child in two different homes. “Having two homes is like putting your life in a couple of carrier bags every two weeks” (Bailey 9). This can cause confusion between the child and the two of his/her parents which can lead to poor social skill and or depression. However, parents who divorce with children of young ages have a lot to do with the mood swings, obsessive behavior, and personality adjustments later in life.
Those children who feel they have been abandoned by their mother or father usually go through depression which can cause mental illnesses, such as a psychotic disorder. The psychotic disorder can cause the child to see memories and hear ones voice that once was a big part in their life. “When we are in our wheelchairs, we deserved to be pushed into the canal by those children we’ve neglected and abandoned” (Lyndon 7). Limited visitations can leave the child feeling neglected or abandoned. “Nearly 90% of fathers live apart from their children” (Lee 1). Parental abandonment may originate because of the absence of either the mother or father. Swearing at the parent, stealing, name calling, threats or physical violence with or without weapon, false accusations and deliberately damage of property, are signs of feeling excluded. “You abandoned me at a young age, you’re not my father” (Gallagher 8) Why help someone who’s put me through hell? Though, two wrongs make no rights; it’s hard for children, especially those at young ages, to get over and accept the fact of their parents splitting up and making their life a disaster.
A mother and child or father and child’s relationship may begin to decline due to the lack of trust. Absentee parents may find it hard to gain their child’s trust. “How could a child feel safe in a world where adults had suddenly become untrustworthy” (Gallagher 21)? There may be...

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