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How A Newly Formed Group Can Become A High Performance Team Through Proper Management Skills

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IntroductionThis paper will address how a newly formed group can become a high performance team through investigation of the nature of teams and team building skills. This paper will also address the actions leaders can take to effect changes of a new group so that they may become high performing.A team is defined as a number of people organized to function cooperatively as a group (MSN Encarta). Teams in an organization must feel pressure to achieve and accomplish what is set in front of them to be successful and perform well. Teams can outperform any other kind of work system, but they demand a constant input of energy to achieve their potential and sustain their edge. (Ziegenfus, 2000) Additionally, to turn a group of people unaccumstomed with one another into a team that performs efficiently and effectively takes leadership, identification of goals and objectives, vision, skills, and a system of recognition.Visionary LeadershipA true team may not have a leader, but every team needs leadership. This leadership can come from one or more individuals. These people have the vision of the team's final product, and the awareness of what it will take to get there. As a leader, you can take many actions to effect change. Anyone that has leadership inherently has power. Power is defined as the ability to get someone to do something you want done or the ability to make things happen in the way you want them to (Schermerhorn et al, 2005). Power in leadership means helping team members achieve what they set out to by not only setting strategic direction for your vision, but to convince team members of its importance. As a project progresses, one of the best ways to demonstrate its importance is to listen to feedback from workshops, etc. and act on it as soon as possible. This demonstrates that the project can really make a difference and that this is everyone's opportunity to contribute to how the business operates. (Feechan, 2006) Besides listening, another way to effect change is to lead by example. The simple fact is that people follow the examples of their leaders rather than what they are told to do. By having a strong work ethic, you will have a team with a strong work ethic.Goals and ObjectivesOne of the most important ways to turn a group into a team is to give them direction. Having goals and objectives gives team members a focus. First, a clear understanding of what is needed from them is imperative. This helps define direction and rules within the team. Second, plans need to be made as to how to accomplish goals. Knowing strengths and weaknesses, and skill and creativity levels of teammates furthers the planning process and moves it into action. Next, a team must break goals down into manageable parts, readying them to execute the plans that have been created. These tasks should directly correspond to the long-term goals that have been established. Goals may be laid out monthly, weekly, or daily depending on a team's "norms." Norms help clarify...

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