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How Advertisements Affect The Mind Essay

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“Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don’t have for something they don’t need” – Will Rogers

This statement by Will Rogers states two very important things; advertising is there to change your mind and that it can change your mind. If it couldn’t advertisements wouldn’t exist in the first place. Organized advertising for products was introduced in the 19th century when two companies found themselves selling the same product. Instead of trying to make the best product they realized they could sell the idea of a better product and that their product was the key to having a modern household and modern is essentially what people wanted. Most people don’t believe ...view middle of the document...

Ads also try to trigger good memories with positive surroundings like images of puppies or a hot summer day. This has been proven to help make up the consumer’s mind. As shown in a study from the Journal of Consumer Research (Markman) when this trick, called affective conditioning, is used it causes the consumer to feel more attracted to one product. They showed a focus group two different pens and gave information clearly showing one pen was better then the other. They then split the group in two and showed half a series of positive images with the worse pen. When they asked them to pick a pen the half that didn’t see the video all picked the better pen but with the group that saw the positive images, 80% picked the worse pen even though they had same information.

Advertisements often try drawing a picture of how the consumer might want to be, or not be. Advertising uses a technique referred to as the magic mirror (Sundem 2). This is where an ad tries to convince the consumer that they need something that they only might want; for instance, the ability to properly raise a family, to save time and money for the things that matter most, or having the perfect relationship and so on. You can look into this “magic mirror”(2) and see a better version of yourself and this self is cooler or better then you. For example, if you used the Polo Red cologne you could be as cool as the guy driving the Lamborghini, or if you use Pantene Pro-V you can have beautiful wavy hair. Ads can also do the exact opposite. They can say that you are uncool if you don’t use this product, as in the Axe commercials where you have a good looking guy with a good looking girl and as soon as the girl sees the guy that uses axe she leaves the guy she was with for the “cooler” guy. These ads try to create the consumer’s view of an ideal life style for themselves.

The brain is constantly being studied and watched for the best way to advertise. The...

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