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How Advertising Affects What We Buy

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To understand how advertising affects what we buy, we must first have an understanding of what advertising is. Advertising, in its simplest terms, is the activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services. However, is that all advertising truly is? There is not a single generally accepted definition of advertising. Advertising is a form of communication used by a marketer to relay information about a product to consumers, thus creating awareness (What Advertising is… 1). Advertising is very important to our way of life and is viewed differently depending on the perspective of the viewer.
Until the 19th century there were no advertising agents either in ...view middle of the document...

The third stage is when the agent anticipates the needs of advertisers and has bought space in large quantities and resold it to them in smaller lots. The last stage is with an annual contract where the agency pays a lump sum and takes over most of the risk and management of the entire advertising space (Hower 13-17).
Today there are over 20,000 advertising agencies in the United States and they have for sale experience, ideas, fact-finding resources, imagination, and creative skill. Advertising agencies consists eight basic departments. The first department is Contact. It is composed of “account executives” who maintain relations between agency and client. They advise the client on his/her advertising and oversee and coordinate the work of all departments. The second department is Research, in which gathers all facts pertaining to the client's business, his sales, his customers, and etc (Poyntz 11-12).
The third department of a modern agency would be Copy. The Copy department conceives the “theme” of projected campaigns and the basic sales appeal or approach to be used. This department writes the actual copy for advertisements in all types of media. Art is the fourth department and is responsible for “visualizing” printed advertisement and for general oversight of TV commercials produced for the agency's client by outside firms. The members of this department are concerned principally with determining and conceiving layouts, typography, and illustrations. Media is the fifth department of a modern agency. The members of this department decide which media of communication will be used. The newspaper, magazine, radio, TV, billboards, Internet, etc. are examples of the different media used (Poyntz 11-12).
The Production department supervises mechanical and clerical work involved in getting all required physical material to the media. The Traffic department is responsible for seeing that all departments perform their allotted tasks. The last department of a modern agency would be Service. The Service department does the “housekeeping” for the department. The members of this department take care of the bookkeeping and bill each client. Some agencies have additional departments designed either to aid or impress their clients...

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