How Aircraft Have Changed Our Idea Of Utopia

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Since the wright brothers first plane to the B-52 long ranger bomber aircraft have changed the world and are still going to do so. With the emergence of planes as are preferred form of travel many things have happened. One of the most important things is the ease of foreign uncertainty and war. Much of the fear and uncertainty of foreign powers can be solved by flying there within the day to have a sit down with that country’s leader. While the last century has given birth to horrific weapons based in aircraft and the advancements from the introduction of aircraft warfare will never be fought the same way again. While on of the most significant social advances is to be able fly across the country in a day and see someone else’s culture and way of life this has generally led to social acceptance and the vast civil rights movements of the 20th century.
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With the last forty years have come sweeping medical advancements with the ability to replace almost any organ in a person these new abilities would not be possible without aircraft. A helicopter is needed to transport a victim who couldn’t last an ambulance ride or is too remote to reach any roads. With the helicopter at NCMC medevac many people in Weld County and all over the worldwould not have the critical medical service they need to stay alive. While in many cases medevac may just be doing the opposite with organ transplant lists being so long any car crash victim and other such accidents who are an organ donor are rushed to the hospital in order to save their organs to save someone else’s life. In most cases it isn’t likely that the transplant patient will not be in the same hospital or even the state. In order for this to happen jets are needed to carry the organs all over the country. Without these aircraft organ transplants would be exponentially harder and virtually nonexistent with the likelihood of someone being a perfect match in the hospital being slim to none. Aircraft have saved thousands of lives through this system in the relatively short time it has been possible to happen.
The other part of aircraft effect on this world not discussed is the military benefit of them. With WWI aircraft had not been around long enough to make a significant difference in the war the brief use they had showed vast opportunities. The ability to take pictures of troop movements allowed battlefield commanders to be more educated about what the enemy is doing and in the process save lives. With the first major period that the aircraft effected the most is WWII from the battlefield to the movie screen these planes inspired the people of the 1940’s to sign up for the military in hopes of being one of the new fighter pilots or free thinking individuals to think if he could build that I can do it better. Inspiring competition of the brightest minds of the time to outdo each other and give the U.S army air corps what would become the air force the best weapons and abilities on the battlefield. This fierce competition of builders and pilots to be the best inspired an un paralleled patriotism throughout the country.

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