How Am U Affected By The Nature And Impact Of Change

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How am I affected by the impact and the nature of change?Good Morning Students, Mr. Drury. Today we are going to delve into the world of change. But first what is change? Newton once said: "For every force, there is an equal and opposite reactive force." Everything is constantly changing; indeed, the world is so ephemeral that one may argue that it is impossible to step into the same river twice. Given the inevitability of change, the inability to cope with and accept it will lead to a failure to deal with life.My life revolves around the key aspect of change. I understand the nature of change; that is all change has causes, processes and consequences. As time progresses I am changing, and ...view middle of the document...

How I see and understand things is constantly altering and reforming. However I need not view this as bad, as I now have the skills to analytically reflect upon my life. The fact that I can now view these changes as positive is a giant leap forward, as it shows that I have now learnt to look at life from different perspectives.So I believe change may have a negative or positive impact upon me.Change cannot be stopped. Time is a process of change, the catalyst for change. As time cannot be stopped change cannot be stopped. Therefore Change is inevitable, because we as human beings cannot resist this universal force that shapes our very existence. Change is a stage in my life, appreciated and yet hated inevitably. As days pass by I am growing older, I am constantly learning new things, and my outlook and standpoint are constantly changing. There is nothing permanent about change, as there is nothing permanent about time. My perceptions are relentlessly altering as I learn more skills, and I gain more knowledge. It's like a never-ending journey; change brings change and so forth. Life if one big learning curve. Most of the time I am not overly conscious of this occurring but nonetheless, it is occurring. Indeed it is a natural process and not something that can be stopped or controlled. As hard as I try I can't stay on top. I can never tie down these changes. As much as I may try to avoid change, I cannot, as I have not yet acquired the skill to stop time, and until that day comes time will always be a process of change.If you don't embrace change with arms wide open then you will inevitably regret it, as change is permanent. I try to embrace all opportunities that come my way, as I don't want to spend my life thinking about what may have been. Recently I have taken up the guitar, as I want to make sure that opportunity to learn doesn't fly past me.Inevitably there will be those unwilling servants, those skills that I will learn too late. They can slip silently out the door, and may not be missed until...

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