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How America Became Increasingly Involved In Vietnam

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How America Became Increasingly Involved in Vietnam

America - The major world power in the 1940’s, unrivalled by nothing
other than the expanding fog of Communism. The fog that had started in
the USSR and had expanded across the world. America had devised a
theory, ‘The Domino Effect’ this will be explained in detail later,
but quite simply the Americans thought that if one country was to fall
to communism then the adjoining countries will also turn communist,
like dominos falling under the weight of each other. America believed
in ’containing’ communism and not letting it spread across the
continents. They aimed to do this by effectively controlling a country
with a steadfast democracy to stop the next ‘domino’ fall. Eastern
Europe had come under the veil of Communism and was effectively under
Russian rule. Communism was beginning to pressurize the Indo-Chinese
country’s into submission, the first country which was leaning towards
Communist ways was that of Vietnam, the first domino. Internal
parties, primarily the Vietminh who was under the control of Ho Chi
Minh a Communist believer and a inspirational and influential person,
were bringing pressure to the people of the country as well as outside
pressure from the hulking Communist countries that were China and
Russia, ‘The Red Giants’. This relatively small country hadn’t been
independent since 1859, since the French captured Saigon after years
of relentless fighting. Then, hope came through at a time of darkness,
The Second World War was raging across Europe, France was falling
underneath the waves of oppression from Germany. The French troops
stationed in Vietnam were instantly recalled to their home country,
leaving the country of Vietnam vulnerable to invasion and revolution,
These two things were to happen in the years after the end of the
Second World War.
The year was 1939, The Second World War Begins in Europe. France is
invaded by German troops and is being crushed under the massive
military firepower of their aggressors. French troops stationed in
their colonies were withdrawn back to their falling country, Vietnam
being one of these colonies. Japan instantly seized its chance and
occupies the ‘empty’ country. They allowed the French administration
to stay until they ousted it in the early months of 1945 and called
Vietnam its own. This Japanese Vietnam was short lived as Japan was
finally crushed by America. World War Two officially ends. This
inadvertently involved America with Vietnam as they end Japanese rule
in Vietnam. After Japan withdrew, the Vietminh established itself in
Hanoi and made Vietnam into a Republic. At this time America is
unaware of the danger of Communism and were sympathetic towards Ho
because America did not believe in Empires and the French were moving
back onto Vietnam as soon as the world...

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