How America Can Reclaim Superpower Status

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During the twenty years following World War II, America was at its peak. Known as the Golden Age of Capitalism, America become one of the leading countries in the world. With its rapid growth in employment and new implementations of Keynesian economic policies that boosted the economy1. America began transforming into a leading nation of the developed countries. Furthermore, education became of more importance. In 1944, Congress passed the GI Bill that allowed returning veterans to attend college and finish their education. More than ten million veterans returned back to universities, thus increasing the amount of people that attended higher education2. An advancement in technology during the war had caused for an increase in military equipment and enabled for the United States to transform into a dominating country. However, in a new era today, the United States has lost their status as a superpower. More developing countries have been improving upon their own nation while leaving the United States behind. Other countries’ progression, such as in Finland and South Korea, has caused for a change in the rank of countries’ powers in the world. In order for the United States to retain their power within the world, they must focus upon their economy, education, and technology.
The United Arab Emirates has a rapidly growing economy that outranks the United States economy. According to Princeton University, “the United Arab Emirates currently has one of the fastest growing economies in the world.”3 The Ministry of Finance and Industry further proves this notion by showing that the nominal GDP increased by 35% to $175 billion in 2006. The United Arab Emirates has been able to allow their economy to grow due to their imports and exports. A few of their main revenues are in petroleum and natural gas. However, the United Arab Emirates have begun to focus upon industrialization. At the Jebal Ali complex in Dubai, more than 200 factories have been built, including a water power plant and steel factories. The Dubai World Central International Airport is also planned to be created in Dubai. The United Arab Emirates has been focused on their economy, and its determination to improve its infrastructure is shown throughout its nationwide construction projects that add up to a cost of $350 billion.4 The United Arab Emirates has created such a strong economy that they are able to invest within their infrastructure to achieve the highest qualities. The strength of its economy also proves a threat to the United States. At the rate the United Arab Emirates are going, it is inevitable that they will dominate in the global economy.
South Korea has an organized and robust economy as well. Korea began building their economy with increasing steel production. By 2003, Korea’s shipping industry was ranked number one in having the highest production rate of 32.4%.5 As the years pass, the Korean economy has been rapidly getting stronger. In 2011, “Korea managed to...

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