How American’s Caused The War Essay

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According to the elements of the Jus Ad Bellum theory, the war between Mexico and the United States was not a just war because of the United States’ reasons for war, were unnecessarily unjust. The war revealed American’s petty-minded actions of egotistical beliefs, and disputes regarding the border.
Americans believed that the United States had a need for an expansion that would stretch as far from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans. The major factor concerning the beginning of the Mexican-American war was the annexation of Texas in December 1845. Because Texas won independence from Mexico, the United States was eager to annex Texas. Many Texans were in favor of the annexation, ...view middle of the document...

However, it was not the last resort for the United States to proclaim war. The Americans did have a “highly reasonable chance of success” due to the lack of success Mexico had in past wars.
The Thornton affair was an acct of aggression from Mexico, which in the Jus Ad Bellum theory was a reason for America to declare war. However, America did show an act of aggression towards Mexico before Mexico showed aggression at the Thornton affair. It was the American’s fault because they violated Mexico’s territory for their own greed. America’s greed is what caused their relationship with Mexico to stumble and form into a war. Mexico sought out justice for the United States annexing Texas. What America lacked was that they did not have the right intentions when they stepped into the Mexican-American War. According to the textbook “Of the People: A History of the United States,” In “Polk’s eyes, the annexation of Texas was a piece of a larger acquisition: not only Oregon but also present-day New Mexico, Arizona, And California. Polk would have been happy to make these acquisitions peacefully, but he was willing to go to war.” There was a...


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