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How And Why Are Latinos Becoming A Powerful Group In American Politics?

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How and why are Latinos becoming a powerful group in America Politics?

The vice president Joe Biden calls the Hispanics powerful force in America politics Hispanic, Latinos has become a bigger group since 2011, the number has increase a lot. A high number but Hispanic has made big changes in America, help out in some ways. Where fighting for the dream act and know there giving us a chance to have a job and a license. Latinos are coming to the United States for more opportunities and have another life. But Latinos are being part of America by having a lot of population. They come by immigration or by Latinas moms having a lot of kids that’s how Latinos are growing in the United States
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the vice president also took the opportunity to praise president Obama deferred action for dreamers and promised to continue pushing for immigration reform. He said we not going to rest in this administration until we find a permanent path.
Marlen Lopez said: Latinos are having a large group the 77% of foreign- born Hispanics parents believe it will be easier for the children to find a good job, compared with the 31% of us born Hispanics. Gary Segura a political said: “might find their life in the U.S to be superior to the life that they left.” Many Latinos are immigrants who come to the U.S in search of a better life. Most of the measures overwhelmingly , people said that the opportunities in the united states were much better than the country they had left opportunities to get ahead, safety from crime, violence, women equal rights, quality of the schools, quality of health care and amount political freedom. According to robort blendon: “immigration is an important contribution of birth rates among Hispanics because foreign born women tend to have more children on average than U.S- born women.” But first Latinos are expected to become the largest non-white racial group in the U.S by the year 2050. U.S census figures unleashed Thursday show that the Latino population in the country surpassed the 50 million mark for...

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