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How And Why Did The Methods Used By The Plo To Fight For The Palestinian Cause Change Over Time?

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In this investigation, I will be researching the methods used by the PLO, how they changed over time, and the reasons for this change. I will use the internet and books from the library to study various primary and secondary sources, in order to gain different points of view and to therefore answer the question.* In 1965 the PLO carried out its first armed raid on Israel; it planted bombs in Israeli government buildings and mined roads.* Until then, it had been principally an instrument of inter-Arab politics, but after the 6 day war it acquired a new role and rapidly became a major internal player.* The Arab defeat in 1967 (the 6 Day War) was the catalyst that transformed the PLO from a body of Cairo-based bureaucratic notables into an independent resistance organization devoted to armed struggle against Israel.* Following Yom Kippur, the countries that had held the PLO were weak after their losses; for example, Egypt and Syria were more concerned about getting their own land back. The Gaza strip and West Bank were under Israeli rule and the Palestinians were convinced they would have to fight for their homeland, this time on their own.* The new expansion of Israel and the new waves of refugees multiplied the tragedy many times. This is why I have joined the PLO movement. We shall fight for the Palestinians' return.* Extremist groups within the PLO then caused divisions by making attacks on other parts of the world. In July 1968, Palestinians hijacked an El Al Israeli airliner to Algeria, In December 1968, 2 Palestinians hijacked an Israeli passenger plane at Athens airport, killing one man. In the following year there were many hijackings, kidnappings and bombings in Europe. They began by being mostly Israeli targets like planes embassies and offices, but later targets had little to do with Israel at all. In 1970, 4 planes (BA, Swissair and TWA) were hijacked by Palestinian extremists and taken to a base in Jordan. Passengers were let free but a plane was blown up.* Black September, a splinter group within the PLO, killed the Jordanian prime minister and began to send letter bombs to Israeli embassies in Europe. On the 5th September 1972, they attacked Israeli athletes in the Olympic Games in Germany. 2 of them were killed and Black September demanded the release of 200 Palestinians who were in prison. When police attempted a rescue, they killed 9 more.* By the mid-1970s, under international pressure, the PLO claimed it would restrict attacks to Israel and the occupied territories. Several terrorist attacks were later carried out by groups affiliated with the PLO, including the Hawari Group, the Palestine Liberation Front, and Force 17, against targets inside and outside Israel.* It is for the Palestinians the last resort. For 22 years they have waited for the UN and the US for liberty, freedom and democracy. There was no result.* Whereas before PLO's actions had consisted mostly on attacks on Israel and other targets abroad, with publicity at...

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