How And Why I Became A Writer A Description Of Some Interesting Factors Which Prompted Me To Become A Writer, Which Could Motivate Some Other People To Take To Writing, Too.

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How and why I became a writer


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How and why I became a writer

������Man is driven by instincts and impulses.� Once his basic needs are satisfied, his attention turns to higher needs and to satisfy his higher needs, he has to equip himself with the required knowledge and skill sets.� In his pursuit of higher learning, he reaches a point where he feels the urge to share his knowledge and experience with others, for mutual benefit.� My own experience is a vivid testimony to this pattern of development.

������Writing impulse-How I became a writer :� Right from my school days, I had been a diligent student, devouring every bit of information thrown at� me with fervent interest and enthusiasm which helped� me assimilate facts quickly and benefit by it.� No wonder I was a First Rank/First Class student throughout my academic career.� At one point I realized that I had a penchant for writing, too.� My essays and answers stood out from the rest, and were easily singled out for appreciation by my teachers who were generous enough to award me more marks for this special talent.� My� passion for reading was also whetted by some of my knowledgeable teachers who directed me to some really nice books for my self-development.� Once I got the kick of enjoyment out of reading habit, there was no looking back.� I started reading classical books first; then came the novels, followed by thrillers, paperbacks and magazine stories.� Soon I realized that I was more attracted towards philosophical concepts and humorous anecdotes.� I wanted to share the benefits of my reading pleasure with my friends and whenever I quoted some nice excerpts from the books I had read to suit the needs of different occasions, my friends used to appreciate their relevance and admire my wealth of knowledge.� This first planted the seeds of writing impulse in my mind at a very early stage.� Because I had to...

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