"How Angels Fall": Book Report, Review, And Summary On Walter Dean Myers' Book

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"Fallen Angels" by Walter Dean Myers is the story of several black soldiers' lives during the Vietnam War. Richie Perry, Lobel, Johnson, Brunner, and Pewee have come to Vietnam to accomplish their own personal goals, but while in Vietnam find out that they have the common goal of surviving. As the story progresses friendships and deaths affect how each character reacts to the stresses that they receive, and must fight through in Vietnam."Fallen Angels" takes place in Vietnam in 1968. This is during the intense fighting that occurred in the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War was a fight between the North Vietnamese and the South Vietnamese. Communism was attempting to move it way south and America has decided to intervene. Also aiding the North Vietnamese are the Vietcong, who are guerilla terrorist stationed throughout South Vietnam. Each of the several major characters are brought together by the war, and because of it they are fighting for their lives. The story follows Richie Perry, who is usually called Perry, all over the country. After landing in Tan Son Nhut, Perry is sent to Chu Lai, another army base in Vietnam. From there, the soldiers travel through many small Vietnamese villages in attempts to stop the Vietcong and the North Vietnamese army. As the new soldiers find out, they do not fit in the setting of the Vietnamese jungles. Perry uses four words to describe the conditions there, "Hot. Muggy. Bright. Muggy" (Walter Dean Myers 7). This shows the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the conditions Perry and his fellow soldiers face while in Nam. Diseases, leeches, and the daily rain showers all contribute to making their lives miserable. Growing up in the United States, you do not get those kinds of heat, humidity, or diseases. They also lack the communication skills with which they could talk to the natives. Many times Perry and other soldiers can only guess as to what they native Vietnamese are saying. This makes it difficult to figure out where you are if you do not have a map. Perry and Pewee come across this problem once when separated from the rest of their regiment. Pewee says "If only we knew what the fuck they are saying. Then we could figure out where the hell we are" (297) showing their need of being able to speak the native language. So through the characters' eyes, the region is defiantly not fit for them."Fallen Angels" is seen through the eyes of Richie Perry. He is a twenty-two year old African American man. He once was a high school football star until he badly injured his left leg. Now, it will sometimes give out on him and will cause him discomfort if he is standing for too long. Perry is a conservative man who keeps to himself, but is outspoken when it comes to sticking up for what he believes in. At several points in the story Perry has flashbacks/ daydreams about his life before the war. This gets him in trouble a few times when he misses his name being called for roll or does not hear an order. On the opposite side...

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