How Aol Instant Messenger Has Changed The Lives Of Today's Teenagers

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The Deterioration of AmericaThere is a new addiction rapidly infecting America's youth. One doesn't have to look very far to see the stranglehold it already has over many of today's teens. I believe a friend of mine put it best when he said, "One time was all it took." Though some kids may deny it, everyone is doing it in the security of their own home, and now some kids have been bold enough to bring it into our schools. As disturbing as it is, it quickly becomes a dominant part of everyday life. When asked how much time he spends doing it, another friend of mine replied, "I'm trying to cut back, but I'd say about two hours [Per day]." Unlike most addicting behaviors modern youth partake in such as drinking, smoking, or doing drugs, nobody is taking a stand to stop this. In fact there have been reports stating that major companies such as Time Warner actually encourage the behavior. The worst part about this whole situation is how easy it for teens to get involved in it. It's completely free, and they don't just give it away free in the beginning to hook unsuspecting impressionable children, it's free for as long as they want it. The only thing the victims need is access to the internet and within minutes they can be connected to AOL Instant Messenger where they spend countless hours wasting away in front of a tiny computer monitor.Being one of these afflicted teens, I have found that immediately upon returning home from school, my first priority is to satisfy the cravings brought on by a long day of withdrawal. (Simile) The beeps that then greet me as the computer boots up are like a pleasant symphony of which only I can appreciate. When I finally get online I notice that I share my guilty pleasure with many others, for more often than not, I am not the first one to sign on.Many of the people who use Instant Messenger have one or more different symptoms. One symptom pertains to the habitual users who can be found online at all times. No matter when it is, these individuals will be around. Now they may not always be glued to the computer, for they can be found doing many things in or around the computer room. A good example of this would be how someone watches television, but remains within an earshot of the familiar ring of an instant message. (Allusion, Simile) When they hear that congenial tone, like sailors enticed by the sirens, they are lured back into the dark world of instant messaging.Another symptom some users possess is signing on...

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