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How Apple Ruled Branding Essay

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Founded in 1976, Apple Inc. has always been a company that cared about how their products looked to their customers. Employees that worked at the company early on had to function under the tough scrutiny of the founder and CEO, Steve Jobs. However, Jobs’ perfectionist attitude paid off in the long run; today Apple Inc. has been named the Most Valuable Brand in the World by Forbes, surpassing Coca-Cola in 2013. Coming from small beginnings in the garage of Jobs’ home, they have spread internationally and have become a household name for consumer technology. Apple has achieved this international recognition through effective marketing strategies that include retail stores, large company ...view middle of the document...

Apple also manufactures products that are geared toward the more wealthy masses, such as their Pro product line. They sell high-end laptops like the MacBook Pro and the Mac Pro that use faster processors and higher memories to use in information heavy fields, such as the medical field. These products are also used by those in the film and music industries; in these respects, the Pro line is complimented with high-end Apple software such as Logic Pro X (for music), Final Cut (for film), and Aperture (for photo editing). These types of programs are designed to be the best to use in their categories, and their price tag guarantees their use with the wealthier populace. Apple also provides a protection program for their hardware called AppleCare. It can be purchased when purchasing your Apple device and costs a premium of $100. It provides a replacement and service from Geniuses (Apple experts) at Apple’s Genius Bar in their retail stores. As a final point, Apple does its best to provide for both of its target audiences; however, the average person may see Apple as a high-end producer of technology. Nevertheless, it has been the goal of Apple to provide the most satisfactory service that can be achieved for all of its customers.
Apple has continuously tried to reach new heights with the amazing, but simple designs of their retail stores, they have also used innovative new means to reach new potential customers through their sponsorships and advertisements that bring people to such retail stores. Apple stores are not as common as McDonald’s stores or Walmart Shopping Centers, but you know one when you see one. Isaacson wrote that the founder, Steve Jobs, hired “the architectural firm...

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