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How Apps Affect Student's Performance Essay

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This research presents a wide scope of focus. Apps technology is the current hype and everybody and organizations are in the rush to catch up with the demands of technological evolution. This research hopes to find out how the apps usage is transforming lives of people in all perspective. An objective perspective is most hoped for because this approach will give the real implication of apps adaptation in the modern lifestyles whether good or bad. How are these apps being used in schools is a one big question that this paper hopes to find an answer. The impact of the same both in the industry and within school is also a big area that will be heavily researched on.
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Today, you need not to carry large volumes of books because these books are in their form can be saved on the smartphone’s memory. The burden of high costs incurred in buying academic books and maintaining them will soon become extinct if the trend of using apps for academic purpose will continue to dominate as it is the case currently.
Jill Castek and Richard Beach did a study that was showcasing the usage of apps in supporting multi disciplinary literacy and scientific learning. Their study presents an incredible study on students’ information access, interpretation and sharing using apps and how this has been made possible by use of apps; either computer based or mobile phone based. Through use of apps, students can create multimedia products which help them better understand the subject of their study.
Specialized programs are now available to the students on their mobile computers. This implies that students can now access information easily irrespective of where they are. In addition to this, student can add value to the information they get. All this has been due to the courtesy of apps and therefore it is very important to think beyond the embedded technological features on this education based apps. Focus should be directed on the affordances accorded by the features inbuilt in these apps.
If the apps usage is going to be of great help to the students, then the affordances accorded by these apps must be in a position to establish an educative atmosphere that promotes the relationship between the learners and the learning goals. Identification of disciplinary literacies associated with any app meant for academic purpose is very important. There are differences between different disciplines and the way history is studied is quite different from the way atomic science is studied. Apps developed for academic purposes must thus consider this aspect lest they become irrelevant in this front. Nevertheless, the apps need to be made very flexible that only a slight modification is needed to switch across different disciplines.
There are a number of apps that help students better understand their area of focus. Firstly, there are apps, which help the students to process and store files in pdf form. When students have their files in pdf form, they can share them out easily or even read them on other media like ipads during their private study time. One such an application used in file processing and conversion to a pdf file is the iBooks Author app. Apple’s Word processing app is also often used for the same purpose. Screen casting applications are also on the rise among the teachers and students during presentations. These ones are very ideal for visual communication. With screen casting apps students can record tutor’s lecture session and or take a snapshot of the images whereby he can refer to them later.
Apps are supposed to accomplish three fundamental goals, namely collaboration, multimodality and sharing of the productions they make....

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