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How Are Diverse Representations Of Australia Identity Explored In Texts? Essay

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Australia is represented as different types of people, of us; viewers, explored in the texts. For instance, the film ‘Sapphires’ and the poem ‘Down Under’ have different perspective on Australia.The Sapphires is a film about four aboriginal women going to Vietnam to sing, if you look further into the film you can see a bundle of stereotypes in the film. My Country by Dorothea Mackellar, is a theme song that is sang beautifully about the person's perspective on Australia. As you can see, these two texts have different perspectives on Australia.

The Sapphires is produced by Wayne Blair, the film is about the four sisters who traveled to Vietnam to become famous. The sisters, Gail, Julie, Kay and Cynthia are aboriginal girls that are treated atrociously by the white people who settled on their land. Our stereotypes in the film is that we are drunkards, stupid, party animals. Cynthia portrays most of these stereotypes, she is acts as a diva and a wacky party animal in the group. She constantly hooking with bunch of guys, drinking, and loudest of the group. In one of gigs, she starts to get out of hand,being who she is, stops singing, walks toward the crowd, grabs a bottle of vodka and raised into the air by the crowd.This is view in a long shot and at eye level. This is used to portray how she acts like a stereotypical Australian partygoer and ties in with our Australian Identity to present how Australians are generally considered to be rowdy, loud people who like to party. After that, she was punished by her action which was not being allowed to sing the next gig. There were lots of facial shots to show the emotions , and waist up shots of the whole group preforming.

The timeline of the Sapphires was dated after during the Stolen Generation, where the English either raped the aboriginal women to produced a baby to be more 'whiter' than the rest or steal kids from their aboriginal parents and brainwashing them to be like them. Kay was one of them who were taken away and brainwashed to despised her people who she once considered family. This is evident from Gail's backstory, how she felt responsible for Kay being stolen away and taught to act more...

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